Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Family Christmas Tree

In the run up to Christmas we had a huge amount of snow. More than I can ever remember. It meant that it was not so easy to get around but it did make things look very pretty!
We still mananged to hold our Accies girls lunch the same Sunday as the boys had their Christmas Carols Lunch event. Pictured above is Becky holding little Katie Stuart.
We went to Hamiltons for lunch with the girls and while there we bumped into Caroline and Chick, who we were on holiday with in Cypres. We were telling them about the problem with getting Mum's tree since the Saab estate was off the road and we didn't have a car big enough. But by a happy considence the two guys they were having lunch with run a Christmas Tree company. They had a spare tree in their van that they hadn't yet delivered and it didn't have a home. We were a bit concerned but they assured us it was not a little scrawny tree. So we agreed to have them deliver their remaining tree to our Parents' house.

Once we left Hamiltons Becky and I went down to our Parents' house and when we arrived the tree was already there. So we worked for a few hours to set up the decorations in my Parents house.
The finished tree.
Decorations close up.

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