Monday, 14 November 2011


Am I really almost a year behind in my blogging!! 

This year has been the fastest of my life. I can hardly believe we have almost been married for 6 months. That time has been consumed by work, work and more work. I have hardly seen Nathan at all as he has been so busy with his own new job and Clan Fitness. But I have been loving my job and projects.  I feel I have grown so much professionally in this last year.

I am however looking forward to getting back to having a little bit of work life balance and doing the things I have been wanting to do for so cooking homemade meals, exercise, crafting and generally taking care of myself. 

I have even booked a week off work at the beginning of December. So if I don't manage to update my blog before then I will definitely be doing a MASSIVE update that week. Then I am off again  fom the 22nd of December to the 4th of January... perfect bliss! 

Monday, 19 September 2011

Winter day with Mum

Can you see a pattern emerging here? Christmas homemade cappuccinos.
My Mum headed round for the day between Christmas and New Year. We made soup and had meats and cheeses for lunch. Which was very tasty.

The weather was rubbish so we then spent the afternoon going over wedding bits and pieces so I could bring her up to speed.
In the evening I then made roast chicken, garlic and rosemary potatoes and green beans with shallots and bacon bits. It was so tasty. 

We then watched the Belleville Rendez-Vous as recommended by John Armitage. Nathan had watched it before but enjoyed it again with Mum and I. It was a lovely lazy day that didn't involve leaving the house once!

Visiting the Armitage Family in Glasgow- 27th December 2010

Lena, John holding his daughter Velia and Hannah all admiring the Christmas cake with the 'babies' on the top as Velia called them.
It was so lovely to meet Velia, who I had seen lots of photos and video on flickr.. (Auntie Hannah is very good at sharing her loveliness!) she was even cuter in real life.
 Jamie and John playing games with Velia.
My Mum and Lena looking at John and Lydia's wedding album. The two Mum's used to spend a lot of time together when Hannah and I were younger as Hannah and I were the same age and my Sister and John were a similar age. Lena and my Mum were at art college together and my Dad and Jeremy were in the same architecture class at the same University.
 It was so lovely to spend time with the Armitages. I love this photo above. (It makes me sad that my Dad isn't there too..) but then I can't help but smile as Velia is in the background waving to herself in the window!
 Jeremy then got out their old photo albums to show Nathan and Dougie all of us when we were Velia's age (and younger) we used to go on family holidays together and have such fond memories of those holidays.
I need to find an old school photo to match with these. My camera colour is a bit funny but it was so lovely to have us all together again. We definitely have to try and get together more often.
Top row: Hannah, Becky, Dougie, Nathan. Bottom row: John, John's wife, Lydia holding their daughter, Velia, Jamie and I.
Hannah and I. Hannah is one of my bridesmaids for our wedding. I have known her longer than anyone in my life (excluding my immediate family) there are some great photos of us over the years.
Becky and Dougie had tickets to the Glasgow vs Edinburgh rugby game that evening so we left the parentals to it and we headed off to the game. It was pretty chilly but a fun atmosphere.
 Nathan, Becky and Hannah.
 Dougie and Nathan.
A few shots from the game. Glasgow won 30-18 but it was still a fun evening. We headed back to the Armitages after the game and then headed home on the icy roads back to Edinburgh.

After Christmas

I always love left overs. The day after Christmas we were still at Becky's house so we enjoyed some tasty left overs of cheese, salad and turkey... (I can't remember if this picture was taken the evening of Christmas or the next day) but whenever it was- it was tasty!
I loved my wee cappuccino frother which was in my stocking. I also was given a milk jug which helped make the froth. It tasted so good and is much cheaper than store bought coffee. We used our filter machine and the frother for holiday cups of coffee. I even sneaked in some Starbucks gingerbread syrup!
The frother in action!

Christmas at Becky and Dougie's house

Our final destination on Christmas Day was Becky and Dougie's house. They were hosting Christmas as they had done the year before. As always Becky's tree looked beautiful and magical with all the generous presents underneath. I love all the different wrapping paper. (This makes me excited for this Christmas already!)
 My Mum and Becky cooked this gorgeous turkey for our meal. It looks so golden.
 My Mum raising a glass as she finishes prepping in Becky's kitchen.
Becky and Dougie's Australian friends Andrew and Dan joined us for Christmas dinner which was fun. Minus Becky here was our group for Christmas. Loving the santa hats!
 The table was very pretty with Becky's linen in white and silver.
 Dougie and Becky
 Andrew and Dan
 Nathan and I
 Christmas Dinner.... (you can't see my turkey as it's smothered in bread sauce!)
 Dougie, Nathan and Becky.
 My Mum with her lovely pile of pressies.
 Me and my stocking, which my Mum made me for my very first Christmas in 1979.
 Nathan looking very dapper in his waistcoat.
Becky and her rabbit slippers that I bought for her.

 My favourite wrapping was the black with coloured Christmas lights.  
I made Christmas pudding again this year which I always love lighting. (using brandy) This part of Christmas will always remind me of my Dad. 

He was in our thoughts for the whole of Christmas. It seemed very surreal that the year before he had been sitting on Becky's couch reading the JR Tolkien book he bought for Becky and I. Christmas will never really be the same but it was lovely to spend time with those we love and be reminded of all that is still good.

I had expressed an interest in knitting in the run up to Christmas so my Mum bought me this starter set. I was enthralled.

The beginnings of my scarf.... which has made about as much progress as my blog in this last year!!

Visiting my Grandma

After all our visiting on Christmas morning we all meet up at my Grandma's care home and joined her to celebrate Christmas. She was dressed up in her red dress looking very Christmassy.
 Santa Clause had already been to visit the care home and my Grandma found Becky's hat very amusing.
I really like this photo of Nathan, me and my Grandma Ellen. She always looks so well put together and I love that with time she has not lost this. The nursing staff always look after her and ensure she's had her nails done and she goes to the in house hairdresser every week. I hope I keep my sense of self when I am my Grandma's age.

More updates

Well I am not doing so well on the updating of the blog! It seems very surreal to be updating aboout last Christmas when I am starting to look forward to this Christmas.

But here goes........

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Walker Stuart Household on Christmas Day

It was realy enjoyable to go visiting on Christmas Morning. Ed gave Nathan a great t-shirt which said 'Pikey Just Nicked It.' as a take on the Nike slogan. It has become a firm favourite!
As part of a bit of Christmas fun Nathan's Dad bought a talking monkey which mimicked everything you said- which a lot of the guys in his office were getting for their kids. Ed and Nathan were having great fun with it.
 Wendy's sister, Lisa with Wendy and baby Katie in front of their Christmas tree.
 Lisa reading Katie a story.
 Wendy opening presents with her Dad, Phil holding Katie.

The Stuart Clan with Nathan. (l-r) Jamie and his wife Tere, Tom and Nathan. Charlie was in Argentina with the boy's parents.
 John and Lisa.
Ed with baby Katie, who was trying to drink from his bottle of beer.