Thursday, 26 February 2009

Accies Girls Evening!

Not the best photo but I didn't take anymore- I was too busy catching up! Vicki finally got a seat after spending all evening in the kitchen cooking up a storm!

Vicki organized a girls night with the fiance, wife and girlfriends of some of the Accies players. She made us very tasty pancakes as it was Shrove Tuesday and we had great fun trying all sorts of tasty, indulgent toppings. I think chocolate and peanut butter was the general favourite!

Vicki and Leona also had a chocolate fountain set up with marshmallows to dip in- so so tasty!

It was great catching up with all the girls and hearing everyone's news about setting up business, selling flats, getting engaged and all sorts!

The plan is for a get together the last week of every month- hopefully I'll still be invited next month even if Nathan does move clubs!

Hillary's Birthday Tea!

Becky hosted Hillary's tea party! There was quite the spread! I only took a few photos- mainly of the food! It was SO tasty! Bex also made bruschetta (which I love!)
I had a few cupcakes left over from the popcorn cupcakes so I decided instead of a cake it would be nice to decorate a few cupcakes with Hillary's name and some candles for her to blow out!

I made Heidi's Buffalo tenders again- they were a big hit and thankfully not as spicey as I thought I'd made them! (I couldn't get blue cheese dressing anywhere though!)
Hannah and the birthday girl with her bubbly and cupcake! I don't have any pictures of me, Becky or Emma! Camera shy I guess!
Hillary looking very excited as she blows out her candles!After our tea we all took our popcorn cupcakes and went to see confessions of a shopoholic! It was such a girlie movie and good fun! Not to spoil the movie but she has a huge sale of all her clothes, shoes etc and Becky suggessted I do the same! Sadly my excess in topshop, whistles, hobbs etc clothing won't fetch the same price tag as her designer gear but it would have been nice! I might just have to settle with e-bay!

Popcorn Cupcakes!

For Christmas Hillary bought me a great book all about cupcakes- knowing out of all her friends I'd get the most use out of it! It's an American book so has loads of great pre made ingredient suggestions. So since it was Hillary's birthday I thought I would make her something from the book!

I went to get Angel Food Cake Mix but there was none so I purchased this tasty swirl boxed mix- bit of extra effort but so tasty! (probably all those chemicals they put in the mix!)

I cut loads and loads of mini marshmallows into three for a three leaf clover effect and stuck the 2nd mini marshmallow on to create peices of popcorn!

I went along to the vue cinema andthey kindly gave me some children's popcorn boxes to add to the effect of my cupcakes! I think they look pretty like popcorn!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Cupcake Queen!

After my previous posts mentioning cupcakes for Nathan's birthday my friend Julie kindly sent me a link to a great website- Cakes Cookies and Crafts

She also sent me some pictures of the beautiful treats she made for her Mum's 60th. They look amazing! From the frosting to the flowers they are gorgeous and to top it all off those wiggly candles and the stand are brilliant!

I have so much inspiration!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Nathan's birthday invite!

I finished Nathan's 30th Birthday invite! This isn't a great picture as it was taken at 2.30am on Tuesday morning when I finished it! I have blanked out some of the info using the computer as I've become aware that I don't want everything out there in the public domain!

Nathan scanned it into the computer as a word document yesterday! (don't think he knew how to make a pdf!) so everyone who received it yesterday got a 9MB version! oops!

I'm getting very excited. I had a wee nose at lunch at some party websites. 6 Nations Parties seem to be on the increase.

For those American friends who read my blog the 6 Nations is Europe's Premier Rugby Tournament. The competing Nations are Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, France and Italy. There are 3 trophys up for grabs! You can win The triple Crown (Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England) The Calcutta Cup (Between Scotland and England) and finally the 6 Nations Championship, if you are unbeaten by all other 5 teams and win the championship it's a Grand Slam!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Going Private?!

For a while now I have been receiving some quite nasty comments on my blog. I tried to rectify this by putting in the moderation option but they have continued.

I write my blog like I would if I were talking to one of my friends and close relations- it's my own personal conversation with the people I want to know about my life (and it would appear some who I don't!). The very nature of a blog is self centered and very one way. I don't talk about world issues or anything of great meaning- I just talk about my life!

As all of you who know me in real life will know (and I'm guessing that's the majority of people who are looking on here) I am someone who talks a lot and most of the time it is not of any real consequence. Sometimes I give way too much information but I do consider myself very self aware. I have never hidden the fact that some of the things I love to do would be consider stupid by others but hey I love them and that's what matters! My blog has become one of the things I really enjoy doing. I use it as a public journal and it pleases me when friends I don't see as much as I'd like make reference to looking on it and catching up. It has also brought me so much closer to friends in the States.

I am not sure whether to make my page private and how that would work with friends who aren't connected on blogger? Or whether to stick it out and hope that people realize if they don't agree with what I put up here or my life they just shouldn't read it!

I'm in no doubt that this will get a horrid response but this is what an anonymous person put in the comments today. Bear in mind they know that I moderate my comments so usually they don't get put out there- so they saved this particular attack especially for me!

"This is a JOKE, you are a JOKE. It is staggering that you can't actually realize this. This is social suicide you are committing by talking about cakes, crockery and completely insignificant tripe in minuscule detail. You mention the way you tilt your face in photos! This is useful and interesting to NO-ONE apart from the people - like me - who have become interested in a person who is so self obsessed, so deluded and so pathetic it is increadible. This can be likened to the appeal of the early round Pop Idol car crash contestants who take themselves seriously while others laugh hard at terrible performances. Still they don’t understand, still you don’t understand, this is not acceptable - take it down for your own good!"

Now they may have a point about the head tilting but I don't think I deserve this! I guess this is what happens when you let nasty people look into your life.

But then I was cheered up as the next e-mail I checked after the moderator comment was a great friend talking about how she's seen my blog and she too had just made cupcakes detailing where I could get certain decorations from! I guess I'm lucky that my friends are like minded and understand me!

I am aware of the world outside my life- I just choose not to blog about it! What does Anonymous wish to know.. that yesterday a girl was grabbed in broad daylight and raped in a 7 hour ordeal near to where I live and I walk by there every morning and evening to get the bus!

At the end of the day I'd rather write about the things that make me happy!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Ideas for Nathan's birthday cake!

I'm thinking that cupcakes may be the way to go as we are also serving scotch pies and other nibbles so it's ideal for finger food!

I haven't finished the invites for Nathan's birthday yet- infact I haven't started as I am still waiting on him confirming the copy!

We were planning on sending them out 6 weeks before but now we have less than 4 weeks! But I will keep you posted on all the plans and organizations!

I have some great ideas for the cupcakes... if I do them but I may have to have a trial run!

Inspiration for cake toppers!

At the moment I am looking for inspiration for making Nathan's 30th birthday cake and I found this website.

I LOVE these Cake Toppers! They are so personalized and I love the idea that you can keep them after your wedding.

I am trying to make all of Nathan's cake by hand so I won't be using this ladies services this time- but it will definitely be stored away for potential future use.

I think she deserves a shout out so if you know anyone who is getting married this would be a great addition! (I just thought does this mean when Nathan and I finally get round to it the idea will be old school!!?)

She also has a really fun blog that I found- caketop blogspot

Monday, 16 February 2009

moonwalk training begins!

Arthur's Seat is one of the seven hills of Edinburgh and looming over the city which offer many different walks for everyone. Without question the best views are to the west over looking Edinburgh Castle, Old Town and the New Town. There is a tarmacked road which has a pavement (side walk for all you Americans!) that you can walk on.

I started my Moonwalk training this weekend with an hour and a half walk with Emma on Sunday. We were in our MBTs and so I really worked my legs!

This photo below is horrendous of me! Especially as Emma was wearing make up and looking gorgeous! My big moon face will hopefully reduce the more I train! Plus I always pose to the side in photos as I definitely have a good side!
We took the slightly easier route but it was still steep at times! At Dunsapie Loch the water was mostly frozen so all the ducks, geese and swans were sliding around!
I jumped on the bus straight up to Emma's and then got a bus straight back after our walk so now I know how easy it is to get there I have no excuse!

I also want to walk the other hills of Edinburgh but I really need pavement for my training. 18 weeks to go till the event on 20th of June and by then I'll have to be able to walk for 8 hours non stop! Arrgh!

What a lovely weekend!

Well what a weekend! This is no doubt a post that will bring much jibing to Nathan from his friends but hey I appreciated it all!

As I mentioned on Friday we went to the National Galleries friends evening. It was really enjoyable! I was really touched as Nathan was dressed so smartly and had a beautiful red rose for me when I arrived. It was a private evening so after we were handed our glass of bubbly we were given a tour- it was great as our tour guide was really young and related the paintings to our lives. Some of the mythical stories were fantastic! There were other couples there but the gallery was big enough that you felt like it was just you! We were given a quiz to complete on the romantic paintings- which was great fun as we loved being a team! We even got a chocolate for entering!

Our friend Annabelle (and her husband Pete- who was refilling the glasses!) did a great job and it was lovely to see them!

After the exhibition we decided to grab a quick bite in Bar Napoli. This is our usual haunt at 3am after being out (although I've not done that in a while!) So Georgio who runs the restaurant had to double take his watch when we walked in... he joked 'it's not that late is it!?' It was really nice to have a pizza and tasty pasta at a reasonable hour and we had some lovely wine. So it felt like Valentines started early!

On Valentines morning we were up early and we made breakfast together- the highlight being the toast stamp and the heart shaped egg! So cheesey but so much fun! You might have to zoom in to see the stamp!
After breakfast we scurred down to the Farmer's Market at Castle Terrace to get some lovely food for our dinner... I hate how overpriced and forced restaurants are at Valentines. We have had dinner at home the last 3 years and it's definitely better that way!

We picked up some tasty sirloins and scallops at the market and Nathan took them home whilst I went to the hairdresser. I am trying to keep my appointments to every 12 weeks (oh it's tough! I used to go every 6, then every 8 and now only every 3 months!!) My Mum and Dad gave me vouchers for my Christmas so it was like having a free haircut! Brilliant!

In the afternoon Nathan and I went up to my Sister's and we all watched the 6 Nations Rugby with my Dad and our friend Ramen too. My Mum then arrived off her train from London in time for the England vs Wales game. I took some food along to Becky's including Scotch Pie and Beans (a half time treat), homemade Homous with Pitta Breads and Guacamole and vegetable croutons.... I tried to eat only the healthy stuff!

My Mum and Dad left Becky's after the game and Nathan and I ended up staying put so we had a romantic Valentines night with Ramen and Becky!! Dougie was still in France at the France Scotland game as he'd played for the club side on the Friday night. They unfortunately lost 13-12 to France! Boo!!

On Sunday morning I got up and used some of the strawberries that were meant for the night before in a very tasty bananna, raspberry and strawberry smoothie!
Nathan and his Dad also put up our Cuckoo clock which we got for Christmas. I think it looks good in it's new place! And it Cuckoos on the hour (we are finding it amusing at the moment but I'm sure the novelty will wear off!)
So Valentines dinner was postponed to Sunday night and it was worth the wait. We had a lovely lovely evening. We made dinner together and the Scallops were such a success I don't even have a picture of them- they were scoffed straight away!
We had sirloin with roasted cherry vine tomatoes, baby potatoes and asparagus with Parmesan and balsamic vinegar! Yum! And how could I forget the massive dollop that we each had of garlic butter! We definitely kept the Vampires at bay last night!
I thought the candles looked really pretty around the room!
As well as my red rose and trip to the galleries Nathan got me this beautiful, retro, velvet heart shaped chocolate box from London- I loved it!! All in all a very romantic lovely weekend!
Happy Valentines to all the people that I love!

Happy Valentines!

We have had some really bad weather over the last couple of weeks and so I have been trugging to work in the snow and sleet. But on Friday morning this really made me smile! Someone drew a massive love heart and wrote their love's initials in the snow up by the castle!

The main shopping street, Princes Street looks onto the Castle and Princes Street Gardens so it was seen by thousands of people. Even the city's radio show were talking about it. Such a simple gesture and I'm sure it made someone very happy- it certainly made me smile!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Sickness Update!

Well Nathan has a viral infection in his throat and sinuses and has been off for the rest of the week- poor thing! Although I think he is pretty much on the mend now.

I was also off yesterday as my body gave up and I had all of his symptoms but you'll be pleased to know that when I went to the doctor I don't have the virus but she said my body was obviously just fighting against all his bugs!.. hence I was exhausted! So I have to take it easy.

Nathan was joking with me that it's my own fault- he thinks it's not from me snuggling up but from pinching his water glasses all the time! I have a habit of finishing off a drink that he pours for himself!

But tonight I am hopeful that our Valentines plans will still be on. I'm back to work and Nathan is trying to pull himself together to take me on a great date night at the National Galleries Friends Evening. They are hosting a Valentines night where you get a glass of bubbly and a half an hour tour of the romantic paintings! I can't wait! He booked it all himself after our friend Annabelle sent out an e-mail. So he assures me he will definitely be okay.

The evening is to encourage you to join as a friend and sign up for mebership. They were offering a great deal so Hilary and I have joined and hope to go to lots of exhibitons in the next 18 months.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


I've signed up for the Moonwalk!

Anyone else keen!? It's on the 20th of June.My friend Hillary is already participating with a crowd from her work. We have all entered the 8+ hours so we could all start together! Hopefully I can walk the 26.2 miles in under 8 hours but we'll see!

I'm really excited as I registered two years ago but wasn't able to participate so this is my year!

I can't wait to design my bra and start training. I've decided my first training session is going to be on Sunday- provided it doesn't snow!

MBTs at the ready for a big walk! x

Valentines Fairy Cakes!

Last night I went round to Emma G's for dinner, which was lovely. It gave Hillary, Emma and I a great chance to catch up on each others news and we all had lots of news.

I made these cute little fairy cakes for us... to be fair they were more icing than cake but sometimes it's good that way! I think next time I'll make them as cupcakes or muffins so there is more sponge.

I used fairycake cases that Nathan got me for Christmas that have hearts all over them and then I decorated the cakes with love heart sweets and cherry lips.

I had tried to use an idea I saw in the cupcake decorating book that Hillary got me, where you roll out chewy sweets and cut them into shapes but I found out that you really need to put some greaseproof paper or parchment paper underneath! You can see in the photo below that I'd cut them out into hearts but could not get them off the board!! I think they might be stuck there forever!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Flowers for Valentines!

I had to laugh yesterday when one of the women in the office sent round an e-mail with a link to one of my favourite national florists. The e-mail read:

"Dear Boys, Interflora is frankly, a real cop-out these days - Jane Packer however are the absolutely the best and the price comparison negligible..... you will thank me..."I love Jane Packer's flowers and I have always wanted to go on her month long floristry course. It costs about £4,000 ($6,000) but maybe one day when I win the lottery!I also love Paula Pryke's vibrant flowers- she has a floristy school too that I have dreamt of going to. Check out her really unusual designs. She uses so many different mediums- candy etc!

And finally Susan who runs Lily West, where I did my floristry classes is still offering free deliveries round Edinburgh for anyone (boys or girls) who are interested.

Valentines Presents!

My friend Amber who is a fellow lover of homemaking with style sent me these amazing gifts in the mail. She purchased them when she was over in the states and I LOVE them! She is so generous!

I can't wait to use the salad and dinner plates on Saturday night and I will also be hanging this towel in pride of place!

I can't wait to decorate with all my valentines trinkets tomorrow night! I love any celebration and Valentines is no exception!

Sick Boy!

Well I'm not going to say I told him so but after Nathan complained of a sore throat all weekend and still went out with the boys on Sunday night he woke up yesterday morning with what looks very much like tonsillitis!

I hope he'll be okay! He is having great difficulty swallowing and (very unlike him) he didn't eat anything all day yesterday!

He can't get an appointment until Wednesday with the Doctor for antibiotics so he's layed up in bed. I had the perverse thought as I left this morning- could he do all my much needed housework!??!!! Don't worry I've not put him to work but I'm hoping maybe the dishes might be done! (I can't wait for the day I have a dishwasher!)

So fingers crossed that Valentines plans will not have to be put on hold!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Tired already!

Well I had a great weekend- I didn't get as much done as I'd planned- infact non of it really! The house still remains unclean but hey I worked 6 days last week so I am giving myself a break!

Friday night Nathan and I went out for some tasty Pizza at Pizza Express as my Mum and Dad decided to go off for their own wee romantic meal- they had dinner at Tom Kitchin's restaurant (very much above our budget!) My Mum had never been so Dad decided to treat her.

We had such a lovely night as we are not often alone when we go out for dinner- it's usually with family or friends. It was great to catch up especially after my first working week and Nathan's updates on the rugby club.

We then drove up to pick up the troops from their wedding in Fife- it was a fun midnight road trip but I was so tired when we got back I fell asleep fully clothed- jacket, scarf, everything! When I fall asleep if you try and wake me from my slumber I get so grouchy! So poor Nathan had to leave me as a was and that's how I woke up on Saturday at 12 midday!! The longest I have slept for I can't tell you how long! Definetely the longest lie in this year.

So I did some jobs on Saturday but Becky and I went visiting to my parents house so we could see my Mum and then I came back and watched the rest of the rugby marathon that was on!

The six nations had a great build up and the pre game coverage was so good this year- you felt very patriotic!

Yesterday I had a great day working at the Scotland vs Wales game- I wish I had taken my camera. This year was so much fun as we had tackle pads as part of our promo kit- the crowd were really engaging with us and our message but maybe they got into the spirit of things a bit too much! We had a team of 70 all along the road to the stadium directing them the way of the Famous Grouse tent. A lot of the public were tackling the promo staff with the tackle bags- one poor promo girl got knocked off her feet! But generally it was great fun!

Nathan and I then had a very tasty winter warmer tea at his Mum and Dad's. I was so grateful as I'd been in the cold from 10am-6pm.

But today I am feeling very tired as Nathan went back out to meet up with some of the rugby boys after dinner last night and after saying he'd be home at 10.30pm (I had his keys) He arrived back in the wee small hours! Buzzing the buzzer and in true Nathan fashion not going directly to bed!! So I got to sleep about 3.30am!! Nice!!

The only saving grace for him is that I could watch the E live from the red carpet at the Grammy's. I LOVE award ceremonies!! The clothes, the glamour!!

So I'm tired already and the week has only just started!!

Friday, 6 February 2009


Just a quick post before I head back from lunch.

This weekend I am hoping to have dinner with my parents and Nathan tonight as my Mum is up for the weekend. Then Nathan and I are going on a midnight adventure to drive over to Fife to pick up Becky and Dougie from a wedding.

Then Sunday I am working for Famous Grouse doing Event Management at the rugby 6 Nations game at Murrayfield. I'm going to have to wrap up so warm!

Nathan is looking forward to a weekend packed full of rugby as the 6 Nations begins. 3 games over the weekend. I have a feeling I will loose him to the TV!

So I'm going to try and gut the house- it is starting to not just be untidy but unclean (what an awful admission!) but it WILL be rectified!!

One thing I have been thinking this week is why didn't I make use of the time I had on my day's off between freelance projects over the last year! I could really do with a few days to complete unfinished projects!! Oh well! I'm just thankful to now have a job with such a great company!

Healthy Winter Eating!

In an attempt to continue my healthy living and also to save money (it's going to be tighter than before!) I have been bringing my lunch to work each day.

I've also been having my cereal when I arrive at my desk- not the best for digestion but I just can't get up in time to have it before I leave the house.

I've still been making my homemade soups for lunch- so good especially with all the cold weather we've had. Edinburgh has not been as bad as the south or the north of Scotland but it has been so chilly!

Leith Agency

A couple of weeks ago I met up with another guy from the Leith Agency, an Advertising Agency in Edinburgh that I was talking to last year.

They had an opportunity for a person in their team for a temporary contract. So after a good chat and some e-mails back and forth I am going to be working with the Marketing Partnership Team for an initial month with the potential for a few more months.

I'm really hoping that it opens some doors. I've had to take a big salary cut from what I was on at Red Bull but in this current climate a bit of a sacrifice is needed! I've managed to negiotate my salary so at least it covers my bills which is a huge relief.

I had to weigh up getting less money but perhaps more opportunity or working freelance, getting more money but less security... it's a tough one! But I'm looking forward to getting my head down and working hard. It's not a high profile job- but I'm loving having a regular routine.

You can have a wee nose at the company website here.

So I'll keep you posted on how it goes and hopefully this is the first step to a happier and more fulfilled future career.

Cuddly Kittens!

Well to say the last 3 weeks has been a whirlwind is a massive understatement!

Working on the Healthy Living Campaign was great fun but tiring! I was being so good with my porridge and homemade soup military operation and then having to work late on the Admin made me so exhausted! Orkney was so much fun but I only returned home on the Friday night.

The weekend was spent trying (and failing miserably) to catch up on laundry and household chores (our flat is a total midden!) I also visited with my sister as she had her friend Amy's kitten's staying for the weekend as Amy was away for the weekend. These kitten's are SO SO cute!!
Hillary and I went round to Becky's on the Saturday night and we all made a big nest on their cosy couch and the kitten's cuddled up with us whilst we watched a DVD.Then on Sunday night as Becky still had the kitten's I took dinner round (as it was my turn to make dinner) to Becky and Dougie's. I was thankful that I had a Cottage pie and Crumble in the freezer- bonus as all I had to make was soup (very tastey lentil)

It was great to catch up with Dougie, Becky and my Dad after living and breathing the HL campaign. Nathan loved the kittens and I'm hopeful that it might have convinced him that we could have a little furry friend in our house... so we'll see.
It was also Dougie's birthday- do you like his pirate paper that I wrapped his presents in!? So fun!
It was such a lovely chill out weekend and prepared me for my working week!.. but more about that in my next post!
The boys chilling out watching TV- My Dad, Nathan and Dougie! I thought it was funny they all had the same pose!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


We arrived on Orkney late on the Sunday night and went to our B&B- The Bellavista, just outside Kirkwall. It was lovely and they were so welcoming. Having wireless was so good as well as it meant I could send my reports from the Healthy Living Campaign for the last week through to our boss. Who says Orkney is remote!!

After working on the Monday we had 2 days off before the ferry returned so Corinne and I agreed that we should do some sightseeing! I love going to Museums and places of interest. I think Corinne got to a point where she had had her fill but I could have stayed there for weeks!
For any visitor to Orkney, a visit to Skara Brae is essential. It is an incredibly well preserved stone village containing an intricate maze of dwellings, with stone beds, lintels and cupboards are all intact, and dates back some 5,000 years. The site was revealed in 1850 by a violent storm and is now one of the most famous Neolithic sites in Northern Europe.

It was AMAZING to look at the houses and furniture of a family from 5,000... quite amazing and a spectacular view.
Corinne and I at Skara Brae in the cold wind. They were painting the floors in the exhibition and film hall so we could only see the site itself.
The houses would have had roofs at one time but they have decomposed over the years.
A house with the orignial shelves and beds (to the left and right of the picture!)
Me with Skara Brae in the background. The beach used to be farm land that the community here would have cultivated.
A Barbara Hepworth Sculpture

My Mum and Dad's friend Neil Gillespie's firm Reaich and Hall recently won an award for their new extension of the Pier Arts Centre.

Now I don't know what was happening on Orkney when we were there- I guess it was the low season so they were getting work done but they too were painting their floors!! So we could only see the old part with the permanaent exhibition donated by Margaret Gardiner.

It is a beautiful building and has a great feel to it. I really loved the Art History library. I would like one of these in my house!!

That night and on Wednesday night before we got the ferry back we went to a great Restaurant/ Bar called Helgi's it was really cosy and modern and served great food!

On Wednesday morning Corinne and I had to check out by 10 so we then went up to the Standing Stones called the Ring o' Brodgar.

Because the interior of the Ring o' Brodgar has never been fully excavated, or scientifically dated, the monument's actual age remains uncertain. However, it is generally assumed to have been erected between 2500 BC and 2000 BC, and was, therefore, the last of the great Neolithic monuments built on the Ness.

It was quite eerie and breathtaking at the same time. They stand in a circle and the textures and colours on each individual stone is different. The guide at Skara Brae informed us that scientists now believe that each stone comes from a different area. Some of them go so far into the ground it is baffiling to imagine how without modern machinery they got them in the ground.

This stone was hit by lightning in 1950 and caused it to split into two!
In the afternoon after a tasty lunch at our favourite wee cafe-Trenables, we visited St. Magnus Cathedral - Founded in 1137 by Norse Earl Rognvald Kolson in memory of his uncle Saint Magnus. The Cathedral contains their remains, marvellous medieval grave markers and noted stained glass. The Cathedral is still a place of worship. It was stunning especially as the sun shone throught the stain glass windows. It was a little weird that people's remains were in the walls but still a lovely place to visit!

We then visited the Orkney Museum- Tankerness House Museum and gardens is one of Scotland’s finest town houses, it contains a vivid introduction to Orkney's rich archaeology. Corinne was losing interest at this point- I think I dragged her to too many tourist attractions!!
Corinne stayed in the car and I popped into Highland Park Distillery - It is a 200 year old distillery with working floor maltings and peat kilns. Nathan loves his whiskey and bourboun as does my Dad so I may have bought a few wee things (maybe!)
Scapa Flow is one of Britain's most historic stretches of water - located within the Orkney Islands, off the northeast coast of Scotland. It's sheltered waters have been used by ships since prehistory and it has played an important role in travel, trade and conflict throughout the centuries - especially during both World Wars. There are the wrecks of German ships on the seabed that scuba divers often go out to look at.
Our ferry arrived back in Aberdeen at 7am. It was a little surreal as we had got on at Orkney at 11.45pm and went down to our cabin to sleep for the night only to wake up at the mainland again. We were sad to say goodbye to Orkney especially as we knew we wouldn't be back anytime soon! Fond memories though!