Thursday, 26 February 2009

Popcorn Cupcakes!

For Christmas Hillary bought me a great book all about cupcakes- knowing out of all her friends I'd get the most use out of it! It's an American book so has loads of great pre made ingredient suggestions. So since it was Hillary's birthday I thought I would make her something from the book!

I went to get Angel Food Cake Mix but there was none so I purchased this tasty swirl boxed mix- bit of extra effort but so tasty! (probably all those chemicals they put in the mix!)

I cut loads and loads of mini marshmallows into three for a three leaf clover effect and stuck the 2nd mini marshmallow on to create peices of popcorn!

I went along to the vue cinema andthey kindly gave me some children's popcorn boxes to add to the effect of my cupcakes! I think they look pretty like popcorn!


carine said...

jennie you are a bloomin marvel! when the hell do you find the time to do all this stuff?! :-D xx

Jennie Landels said...

Thanks Carine,

I made them all on Sunday night- I waited up to watch the oscars red carpet with Ryan Seacrest on E! tv- I'm addicted!

It didn't start till 11pm so I had a few hours to kill!

Finished icing whilst I watched all the pretty dresses! x