Thursday, 19 February 2009

Nathan's birthday invite!

I finished Nathan's 30th Birthday invite! This isn't a great picture as it was taken at 2.30am on Tuesday morning when I finished it! I have blanked out some of the info using the computer as I've become aware that I don't want everything out there in the public domain!

Nathan scanned it into the computer as a word document yesterday! (don't think he knew how to make a pdf!) so everyone who received it yesterday got a 9MB version! oops!

I'm getting very excited. I had a wee nose at lunch at some party websites. 6 Nations Parties seem to be on the increase.

For those American friends who read my blog the 6 Nations is Europe's Premier Rugby Tournament. The competing Nations are Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, France and Italy. There are 3 trophys up for grabs! You can win The triple Crown (Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England) The Calcutta Cup (Between Scotland and England) and finally the 6 Nations Championship, if you are unbeaten by all other 5 teams and win the championship it's a Grand Slam!

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