Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Flowers for Valentines!

I had to laugh yesterday when one of the women in the office sent round an e-mail with a link to one of my favourite national florists. The e-mail read:

"Dear Boys, Interflora is frankly, a real cop-out these days - Jane Packer however are the absolutely the best and the price comparison negligible..... you will thank me..."I love Jane Packer's flowers and I have always wanted to go on her month long floristry course. It costs about £4,000 ($6,000) but maybe one day when I win the lottery!I also love Paula Pryke's vibrant flowers- she has a floristy school too that I have dreamt of going to. Check out her really unusual designs. She uses so many different mediums- candy etc!

And finally Susan who runs Lily West, where I did my floristry classes is still offering free deliveries round Edinburgh for anyone (boys or girls) who are interested.

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Lark said...

Fun! Such pretty flowers :o)