Monday, 16 February 2009

What a lovely weekend!

Well what a weekend! This is no doubt a post that will bring much jibing to Nathan from his friends but hey I appreciated it all!

As I mentioned on Friday we went to the National Galleries friends evening. It was really enjoyable! I was really touched as Nathan was dressed so smartly and had a beautiful red rose for me when I arrived. It was a private evening so after we were handed our glass of bubbly we were given a tour- it was great as our tour guide was really young and related the paintings to our lives. Some of the mythical stories were fantastic! There were other couples there but the gallery was big enough that you felt like it was just you! We were given a quiz to complete on the romantic paintings- which was great fun as we loved being a team! We even got a chocolate for entering!

Our friend Annabelle (and her husband Pete- who was refilling the glasses!) did a great job and it was lovely to see them!

After the exhibition we decided to grab a quick bite in Bar Napoli. This is our usual haunt at 3am after being out (although I've not done that in a while!) So Georgio who runs the restaurant had to double take his watch when we walked in... he joked 'it's not that late is it!?' It was really nice to have a pizza and tasty pasta at a reasonable hour and we had some lovely wine. So it felt like Valentines started early!

On Valentines morning we were up early and we made breakfast together- the highlight being the toast stamp and the heart shaped egg! So cheesey but so much fun! You might have to zoom in to see the stamp!
After breakfast we scurred down to the Farmer's Market at Castle Terrace to get some lovely food for our dinner... I hate how overpriced and forced restaurants are at Valentines. We have had dinner at home the last 3 years and it's definitely better that way!

We picked up some tasty sirloins and scallops at the market and Nathan took them home whilst I went to the hairdresser. I am trying to keep my appointments to every 12 weeks (oh it's tough! I used to go every 6, then every 8 and now only every 3 months!!) My Mum and Dad gave me vouchers for my Christmas so it was like having a free haircut! Brilliant!

In the afternoon Nathan and I went up to my Sister's and we all watched the 6 Nations Rugby with my Dad and our friend Ramen too. My Mum then arrived off her train from London in time for the England vs Wales game. I took some food along to Becky's including Scotch Pie and Beans (a half time treat), homemade Homous with Pitta Breads and Guacamole and vegetable croutons.... I tried to eat only the healthy stuff!

My Mum and Dad left Becky's after the game and Nathan and I ended up staying put so we had a romantic Valentines night with Ramen and Becky!! Dougie was still in France at the France Scotland game as he'd played for the club side on the Friday night. They unfortunately lost 13-12 to France! Boo!!

On Sunday morning I got up and used some of the strawberries that were meant for the night before in a very tasty bananna, raspberry and strawberry smoothie!
Nathan and his Dad also put up our Cuckoo clock which we got for Christmas. I think it looks good in it's new place! And it Cuckoos on the hour (we are finding it amusing at the moment but I'm sure the novelty will wear off!)
So Valentines dinner was postponed to Sunday night and it was worth the wait. We had a lovely lovely evening. We made dinner together and the Scallops were such a success I don't even have a picture of them- they were scoffed straight away!
We had sirloin with roasted cherry vine tomatoes, baby potatoes and asparagus with Parmesan and balsamic vinegar! Yum! And how could I forget the massive dollop that we each had of garlic butter! We definitely kept the Vampires at bay last night!
I thought the candles looked really pretty around the room!
As well as my red rose and trip to the galleries Nathan got me this beautiful, retro, velvet heart shaped chocolate box from London- I loved it!! All in all a very romantic lovely weekend!
Happy Valentines to all the people that I love!

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Kristin Lea Robinson said...

Everything looks so lovely. I miss you mucho!