Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Going Private?!

For a while now I have been receiving some quite nasty comments on my blog. I tried to rectify this by putting in the moderation option but they have continued.

I write my blog like I would if I were talking to one of my friends and close relations- it's my own personal conversation with the people I want to know about my life (and it would appear some who I don't!). The very nature of a blog is self centered and very one way. I don't talk about world issues or anything of great meaning- I just talk about my life!

As all of you who know me in real life will know (and I'm guessing that's the majority of people who are looking on here) I am someone who talks a lot and most of the time it is not of any real consequence. Sometimes I give way too much information but I do consider myself very self aware. I have never hidden the fact that some of the things I love to do would be consider stupid by others but hey I love them and that's what matters! My blog has become one of the things I really enjoy doing. I use it as a public journal and it pleases me when friends I don't see as much as I'd like make reference to looking on it and catching up. It has also brought me so much closer to friends in the States.

I am not sure whether to make my page private and how that would work with friends who aren't connected on blogger? Or whether to stick it out and hope that people realize if they don't agree with what I put up here or my life they just shouldn't read it!

I'm in no doubt that this will get a horrid response but this is what an anonymous person put in the comments today. Bear in mind they know that I moderate my comments so usually they don't get put out there- so they saved this particular attack especially for me!

"This is a JOKE, you are a JOKE. It is staggering that you can't actually realize this. This is social suicide you are committing by talking about cakes, crockery and completely insignificant tripe in minuscule detail. You mention the way you tilt your face in photos! This is useful and interesting to NO-ONE apart from the people - like me - who have become interested in a person who is so self obsessed, so deluded and so pathetic it is increadible. This can be likened to the appeal of the early round Pop Idol car crash contestants who take themselves seriously while others laugh hard at terrible performances. Still they don’t understand, still you don’t understand, this is not acceptable - take it down for your own good!"

Now they may have a point about the head tilting but I don't think I deserve this! I guess this is what happens when you let nasty people look into your life.

But then I was cheered up as the next e-mail I checked after the moderator comment was a great friend talking about how she's seen my blog and she too had just made cupcakes detailing where I could get certain decorations from! I guess I'm lucky that my friends are like minded and understand me!

I am aware of the world outside my life- I just choose not to blog about it! What does Anonymous wish to know.. that yesterday a girl was grabbed in broad daylight and raped in a 7 hour ordeal near to where I live and I walk by there every morning and evening to get the bus!

At the end of the day I'd rather write about the things that make me happy!

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Alison said...

Some people have too much time on their hands. Just be yourself.

I have started following your blog as when i was looking for a flower course your blog recommened Lily West and I went to their Christmas workshop and loved it. So thank you! Alison