Monday, 9 February 2009

Tired already!

Well I had a great weekend- I didn't get as much done as I'd planned- infact non of it really! The house still remains unclean but hey I worked 6 days last week so I am giving myself a break!

Friday night Nathan and I went out for some tasty Pizza at Pizza Express as my Mum and Dad decided to go off for their own wee romantic meal- they had dinner at Tom Kitchin's restaurant (very much above our budget!) My Mum had never been so Dad decided to treat her.

We had such a lovely night as we are not often alone when we go out for dinner- it's usually with family or friends. It was great to catch up especially after my first working week and Nathan's updates on the rugby club.

We then drove up to pick up the troops from their wedding in Fife- it was a fun midnight road trip but I was so tired when we got back I fell asleep fully clothed- jacket, scarf, everything! When I fall asleep if you try and wake me from my slumber I get so grouchy! So poor Nathan had to leave me as a was and that's how I woke up on Saturday at 12 midday!! The longest I have slept for I can't tell you how long! Definetely the longest lie in this year.

So I did some jobs on Saturday but Becky and I went visiting to my parents house so we could see my Mum and then I came back and watched the rest of the rugby marathon that was on!

The six nations had a great build up and the pre game coverage was so good this year- you felt very patriotic!

Yesterday I had a great day working at the Scotland vs Wales game- I wish I had taken my camera. This year was so much fun as we had tackle pads as part of our promo kit- the crowd were really engaging with us and our message but maybe they got into the spirit of things a bit too much! We had a team of 70 all along the road to the stadium directing them the way of the Famous Grouse tent. A lot of the public were tackling the promo staff with the tackle bags- one poor promo girl got knocked off her feet! But generally it was great fun!

Nathan and I then had a very tasty winter warmer tea at his Mum and Dad's. I was so grateful as I'd been in the cold from 10am-6pm.

But today I am feeling very tired as Nathan went back out to meet up with some of the rugby boys after dinner last night and after saying he'd be home at 10.30pm (I had his keys) He arrived back in the wee small hours! Buzzing the buzzer and in true Nathan fashion not going directly to bed!! So I got to sleep about 3.30am!! Nice!!

The only saving grace for him is that I could watch the E live from the red carpet at the Grammy's. I LOVE award ceremonies!! The clothes, the glamour!!

So I'm tired already and the week has only just started!!

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