Saturday, 12 January 2013

Lazy Saturday morning

I have always been someone who needs to recharge her batteries every few days/week. Whilst I have made lots of proactive New Year's resolutions one of mine was to also take time for myself- not to feel guilty about sleeping in at the weekend sometimes, not feeling like I should say yes to everything and always be out the house- having some me time!

I am always guilt ridden when I do this but I am trying this morning. I woke naturally at 10am (bliss!) and am now sitting in bed reading 'The Week' (we'll I was before I began writing on here!) I have Bb at my side snuggled right in for warmth, I made porridge, fresh coffee and am making sure I have a glass of water with breakfast (I am trying to drink 8 glasses a day....trying but not quite reaching that goal yet!)

It was a busy week at work but my new A4 diary system, rather than my usual notebook, is giving me a sense of achievement- I have been writing lists each day and highlighting the items once they are complete- w/c 7th Jan is now a pretty fluorescent week!

I also had a nice e-mail from colleagues abroad regards a calendar I have worked with the creative agency- they were really pleased which was a great way to end the week!

I then went and met my friend Pete at the Dome to catch up with him and hear all his news. Pete runs Foodies so I loved hearing about his latest ventures. We had a good catch up on life in general he was also offering me some advise on a wee project I am thinking about- it will take a while to get things in place and is more a future enterprise but as Pete thinks everyone should be an entrepreneur he was more than happy to listen and discuss.

Later on I met Hills and her flatmate Louise. We went to see Gangster Squad which was much more violent than I thought but with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling it was worth a watch.

At the cinema last night the new Weight Watchers discovery was that 1 scoop of Ben and Jerry's Fro Yo was only 3 points(about 100kcals)

Well as much as I am enjoying laying in I better think about doing some housework- I have promised myself I won't leave the house till it is all done today- no distractions- however tempting! With only 4 more hrs of daylight I want to make sure I get out at some point!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

It started well

Yesterday I was feeling so positive about my New Years fitness and dieting with Weight Watchers.

I walked home from my new Pilates class with Hannah and Libby. Level 1 is much tougher than the beginners class- lots more about the abs- so hopefully after 11 weeks I will have less of a food pouch! I really enjoy our walk back along Princes Street- as we all live in the West End.

I felt I should reward myself with a treat as I still had 15 WW weekly points left - a chocolate brownie with fresh raspberries and 0% fat free Greek yogurt (my favourite dessert combination since Uni) was on the menu- I would usually have a chocolate pudding or chocolate mouse but something drew me to the brownie.

After I ate my tea I sat down and typed in my points on the WW app- the brownie was 17 POINTS!!!! Eeeek! why didn't I check before? It just goes to show how many wrong choices sneak in there!

So I had to make sure I walked back from work today. I still have Thursday's Pilates class and hopefully my next WW week will be positive.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Okay so let's start as I mean to go on! So far this 2013 has been pretty positive.

I am writing in my journal again, have started weight watchers (again!) and have booked into 2 pilates classes a week for the next 11 weeks.

The first is tonight at Bea Alexander just off Broughton Street. I have attended beginners level for 2 terms (one class a week) last year so I am looking forward to moving up to level 1 and doing 2 classes a week- it will be a challenge but along with WW I should hopefully tone up and feel better.

Just before midnight on the 31st I wrote a list of New Years Resolutions... I had aimed for 13 in total but I ended up with 21! Not all things I need to change but also tasks I need to complete.

I aim to be proactive in 2013 and move myself forward and be content.

I am also going to try and be very good with my money... however I am very tempted to buy new Pilates gear! I have found 2 websites that I love.. but they are so pricey.... maybe as a wee treat after these 11 weeks I can reward myself!

(There seems to be a problem with loading images onto here but I will update later.)

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Sunday Dinner Recipes

I mentioned in a previous post about the recipe books I created for Christmas gifts back in 2009.

Well here are some pictures of them.

I was inspired by Susan Branch's books (pictured below). Susan lives between Martha's Vineyard (one of my favourite places in the world) and California where she illustrates and writes books with household decoration, gift and recipe ideas.

My friend Lauren's Mum, Linda first gave me one of Susan's books back in 2004. I love Susan Branch and adore that she now blogs. (I will work out how to link on iPad blogger to let you know how to get to it.) She only started her current vocation when she was in her 30s.

I would love to be the Scottish Susan Branch- working out a beautiful West coast house creating, making and baking and writing and illustrating about it.... Maybe one day.


When my Mum and I were getting pedicures earlier on today she was reading a magazine and read my horoscope to me......interesting!

My Mum loves reading her horoscopes each week but I am not sure how relevant/ real they are.

This however felt a little spooky!

Hugo Mace

This little cutie is Corinne and James' little boy Hugo- he is adorable and has the cutest face (maybe something to do with his beautiful parents!)

Excuse my appearance- I cycled up to meet them for coffee.

I was so pleased to be able to get together with Cor and have a proper catch up. Hopefully more coffees are on the horizon.

Chill in the air

It is getting cold in the flat.

We had our electricity meter changed earlier in the year and I swear we don't seem to be using any off peak electricity. Or electricity is working out twice as expensive!

So I am putting on extra jumpers and Miss Bb is cuddling under the covers!

I have woken up every morning with her under the duvet keeping cosy like this.