Wednesday, 9 January 2013

It started well

Yesterday I was feeling so positive about my New Years fitness and dieting with Weight Watchers.

I walked home from my new Pilates class with Hannah and Libby. Level 1 is much tougher than the beginners class- lots more about the abs- so hopefully after 11 weeks I will have less of a food pouch! I really enjoy our walk back along Princes Street- as we all live in the West End.

I felt I should reward myself with a treat as I still had 15 WW weekly points left - a chocolate brownie with fresh raspberries and 0% fat free Greek yogurt (my favourite dessert combination since Uni) was on the menu- I would usually have a chocolate pudding or chocolate mouse but something drew me to the brownie.

After I ate my tea I sat down and typed in my points on the WW app- the brownie was 17 POINTS!!!! Eeeek! why didn't I check before? It just goes to show how many wrong choices sneak in there!

So I had to make sure I walked back from work today. I still have Thursday's Pilates class and hopefully my next WW week will be positive.

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