Friday, 30 October 2009

Plans for the weekend!

Well my work is done! Finally! I can go home. 9pm on a Friday is a tough shift! But it will be worth it!

It's my birthday on Monday so I have the day off and needed to get everything finished so I can breath easy and not panic about what needs to be done!

I will no doubt have great pictures of our girlie Halloween cocktail night on Saturday, my family afternoon birthday tea on Sunday and Nathan and I's adventures on Monday. We have different plans depending on the weather so lets hope for sunshine!

It will be nice to just be away from work and in the company of my lovely man.

Enjoy your weekend too! x

Gifts and Goodies!

I managed to get a wee box of cupcakes all the way back from London for the lovely Nathan to try. (I love their branding- did I say that already!!?) 

I got Nathan a red velvet cupcake and a Halloween cup cake with a little devil on it! I thought he looked cute!  

 Every year my Mum sends my sister and I and the boys a little bag of Halloween treats. This year it took the form of Autumnal foods. We had cranberrys, pecans, dark chocolate and ginger biscuits, Hot chocolate, Maple Syrup, Cinnamon sticks and so much more... it was such a lovely treat and after I'd opened it in London I wrapped it all up again so Nathan could open it when I got home on Sunday night!
 Nathan's parents had goodies of their own for us. They are always so generous. They have just returned from holiday so Nathan and I got our favourite duty free drinks... spices from the market in Istanbul (can't wait to use them!) and a book on Turkish cuisine... we will be cooking up a feast in no time!
 Nathan's parents also dropped off a box of veggies from their allotment- I always love the produce we get from them.
 This year our produce included this wee pumpkin- how cute is he!!
Thinking of Halloween I wanted to show you the before raw materialsof my costume. I bought it in the V&A after searching elsewhere in London. I wanted a small comb fasinator and black netting. So watch this space.... I hope it works out!! I will have a lot of stitching to do tomorrow.


 When we were walking to the V&A we spotted this frozen yogurt shop... it made me smile from ear to ear.
Nathan and I are often made fun of for our liking of PDA when we are out with friends- usually on a night out. The chant 'Snogger Pike' can often be heard when the rugby boys are present. So I had to take the photo for my handsome man. I couldn't agree more 'Life's brighter when you snog!'

V&A Museum

 I love the V&A... it is such a wonderful museum. All the textiles and the world treasures.
 To be honest this visit we went in and through the Italian style court yard and looked at the newly restored cafe with the gorgeous contemporary round lighting fixtures and then went to the shop! Not too much adventuring but just enough for tired wee ones on a Sunday afternoon!


 I adored these lights! I want one for my living room! Although it may take up the whole space!!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Hummingbird Bakery

This post is for my friend Kate, who sadly couldn't make this weekend. She is a busy lady with two small boys and a career in medicine- I am constantly in awe of her. She recently, very kindly, bought me the Hummingbird Bakery Cook book which I have made the Chocolate Brownies and Apple Pie from and they have both been delicious.

So delicious that I was very keen to go to the bakery when we were down lin London. As luck would have it the Humminbird Bakery was right beside our restaurant in South Kensington. So even though I'd eaten a huge slice of cake I still went ahead and got a cake. The other girls were controlled enough to save their cupcake till later but not me!!! Yum!
 The inside of the small bakery- they have a shop on the ground floor and a bakery up the stairs. There were trays of lots of tasty cupcakes to choose from. I picked a red velvet cupcake.
Renee, Nicole, Hillary, My Mum, Becky and Amber in the Hummingbird Bakery. 
 Me outside with my bag of treats- I love their branding. The pink hummingbird is on everything from their bags to their take away coffee cups.
 Beautiful! Hillary took these very close up photos of me scoffing into my cupcake!
I didn't enjoy it at all! ;-)

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Sunday Brunch

My Mum had booked us into Madsen for lunch. It is a gorgeous wee scandanavian restaurant which has the best food! I was so delighted with Mum's choice! We ate so well the whole time we were in London!
 Becky and Amber
 Nicole and Hillary
 Renee and My Mum
I ate so much! No change there then! All we did was eat all weekend! At brunch I had yogurt with museli in a wee glass follwed by danish waffles and eggs and bacon! Yum, Yum, Yum!!!
 The restaurant had decorated the table with Danish flags and they had roses that looked like garden roses on all the tables. My cake also had Danish flags on it too.
 My Mum and I with the cake she had organised. They brought it to my table and the whole restaurant sang me happy birthday- eek!
 My lovely cake with the 30 sprinkler candle- so much fun!
I asked Amber if she wanted any cake and she said she was too full so she would just eat a berry!! So I popped a berry on her plate- he he!! 

How could she resist such an amazing cake! It was so yummy and I loved the rasberries! I gave Nicole the rest to take home to Ollie and also to Amber for David as they are local to London- we never would have got it back on the plane- sorry Nathan!! 

Dinner and Dancing!

When my dessert was brought to me it had a little candle in it and they had written Happy Birthday with chocolate sauce- yum!
Me and Amber sitting waiting to order our delicious dinner at Bluebird
Emma B, Hillary and I not all looking at the same camera.
Becky, Renee and Nicole
When we finished dinner- at 1am!! (I love long dinners!) We went to Crazy Larry's....
We had such a giggle and danced the night away! Hillary, Emma B and Becky.
Amber and Jill and Hillary trying to get into the photo!- lovely!

Pre Dinner Drinks

Hillary and I (excuse the red eye- my camera isn't taking it away at the moment!) 
 Me with my sash and tiara on... not sure why I am bending my legs- no doubt to look thinner for the photo...mmmm...
Becky and I 
 The table was decorated with pink rose petals, 30 confetti, Happy Birthday confetti and small crystals.... beautiful.
 My Mum also got lots of tasty little nibbles to accomapny our Prosecco.
I didn't take any pics once people arrived as we had loads of catching up to do. We did however take loads at dinner!

Pre Drinks Party Decorations

Before we headed to dinner my Mum throw a wee drinks party at her flat.

So when we returned from Shopping she asked me to look up to her flat window to get a clue. I looked up to the top window and saw balloons and lanterns hanging there.... I love decorations!

My Mum and Sister had gone to such an effort to make it look beautiful. I took lots of photos but they are on my Mum's camera so when she sends them through I will add them to this post.

So special!

Emma B liked them so much that one of the butterflies which adorned the champagne glasses fell out her bag at the end of dinner! he he! I am glad everyone thought they were as beautiful as me.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Window Shopping!


 2 years ago when Nathan and I moved into our flat we bought a few things in Zara Home when we were in Spain. Well now there is a Zara Home just off King's Road- and you can buy online. These candelabras were really cheap but I could never have got them home intact!

I love the elegant candelabra (above) and I would love to have 2 for a dinner party table. The top two candlesticks above would be great in a collection of different shaped and textured candlesticks (my Mum had a display of different glass candlesticks on her dinning table and they looked wonderful)
 I love these vessels, they are so beautiful and would be fantastic for a dessert table or floral display. If only I could have carried them back from London- I haven't seen them elsewhere in the UK.
 I saw these peacock's and I thought about my friend Heidi as she is collecting items for a peacock themed dinner party- Heidi, I think one or two of these would look fantastic on your table! I found them in the General Trading Company but they aren't on the website (their website is pretty bad actually). Becky bought me a wee Christmas decoration from the same manufacturer so I will find out who makes them if you are interested.