Monday, 26 October 2009

Day in London

Hillary and Becky waiting for the tube at Fulham Broadway, where my Mum stays. We went into Sloane Square and started off at one end of King's Road and made our way along all the shops. A lot of them are shops we have in Edinburgh but there is such a better selection in London.

One of my requests was for us to go to VV Rouleaux near Sloane Square as we don't have a shop like it in Edinburgh. I hadn't been there in a long time and I knew Hillary would like it too. They have a great selections of ribbons, trimmings and materials for craft items. It is expensive but if you can find a wee signature peice it is amazing. I had an idea of what I wanted but they didn't have any in stock! It was still great to look around.

I love the old shop fronts that have been preserved.  

As we were walking down King's Road this shop had their business cards cut into butterflies and stuck onto their glass window. It looked very cool. 
Just off King's Road was a wee market selling amongst other things food items. 
One stall was selling coconuts which they cut the tops off so you could drink the coconut milk- so we decided to get involved. They were SO good!

 Enjoying my coconut!

Becky, Mum and I outside the Saatchi Gallery off King's Road. It was opened last year and is free entry, which is always nice so we had a wee nose. The building is beautiful and it has been really well done.
Part of the Saatchi Gallery is a cafe- the Gallery Mess Cafe/Bar is a lovely space. We rested our feet for a wee while and had afternoon tea. It was really good and Becky and Hillary loved the mini scones. 
The interior of the Gallery Mess Cafe.
Later in the afternoon we went to Peter Jones (John Lewis Department store) and they had their Christmas decorations up already. They didn't picture well but they are lovely white, aqua blu and grass green with some silver... I really liked the colour scheme.
We came out the back way and went through Peter Jones' flower shop- it was gorgeous and all the flowers were autumnal colours. I was imagining the ladies of Chelsea, Fulham and Knightsbridge buying bouquets for their homes with the seasonal colours.

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