Monday, 26 October 2009

Pre Birthday Weekend!

It is my birthday in a week's time- and not just any birthday it is my 30th! eek!

To kick off the celebrations my sister, Becky and my great friend, Hillary and I went to London for the weekend to stay with my Mum.

We arrived at the airport late on Friday night for a 8.30pm flight to London. I was exhausted after my working week and I didn't have a scrap of make up on but the two of them had gone to so much effort.

Hills insisted I open my gifts then and there and she was SO generous. She knows me so well! Becky had also got me a tiara and a bespoke birthday sash! I embarrassingly had to wear it through the airport and on our flight down! When I walked off the plane there was a few comments from the flight attendants!

On Saturday morning my Mum made us a tasty breakfast and I had my tiara and sash back on (I loved them and fully intend to wear them all of this coming actual birthday weekend!)

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