Wednesday, 14 October 2009


A couple of weeks ago Nathan bought a crock-pot to see us through the winter. With me working so many later nights we felt that we were missing out on tasty teas. The last thing I want to do at 8pm at night is cook a big meal.

We mostly eat food cooked from scratch so a slow cooker is the perfect answer.

In the morning when I have been in the shower Nathan has chopped up the ingredients and then we have put it on low till we come home in the evening- GENIUS! If I get home before Nathan (on training nights) I also have the option of eating my dinner first and then keeping it on the warm setting till he gets home. So far Nathan has made chilli con carne from Hugh Fearnley whittingstall's 'Meat' book and yesterday he made a very tasty Brisket! Yum!

I think we will be using our crock-pot quite a lot over the winter. So if you have any recipes that you love then send them our way!

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cvallor said...

This is a brilliant idea... It will probably allow for tasty leftovers for lunch the next day at work also... I might also try to do this. Thank you. (If I find any good receipes, I will send them your way... :))