Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Saturday Morning

This past weekend Nathan played rugby up at Currie on the Friday night. It was bitterly cold and sadly they didn't do to well against the home team- who have been playing really well this season.

Nathan was very sore on Saturday morning (the drawback of playing a game like rugby!) but we had borrowed Nathan's parents car for the weekend whilst they were on vacation so we had to take it to the garage for 8.30am for it's scheduled check up- no long Saturday sleep for us!

We took advantage of this though and Nathan took me to breakfast at Loopy Lorna's. After being there last week with the girls I had told him all about it and he was keen to try it out. And we were not disappointed!

We had breakfast which was amazing. Expensive but for what you got it was worth it... Stornoway Black Pudding, lovely poached eggs and so much more.

So we now know that it is good for tea and cake and great for morning coffee and breakfast too!
As Nathan was feeling really sore I had to laugh that the knitted tea cosy that was brought to our table was a nurse! I mentioned in a previous post that they have all different types of tea cosies.
We then walked up Morningside Road and enjoyed wondering around the shops (although Nathan's patience started to wear thin- as I went into the fifteenth shop!) I love all the little boutique shops up there and also the food shops.
The Autumn colours have been amazing these past two weeks and it really felt like they peaked this past weekend. It helped that they had a completely blue sky as a backdrop.
It was such a lovely morning and so relaxing.

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