Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Cooking up a feast!

I have been so busy over the last few weeks and I fear it is not going to get any easier until at least the end of November! Boo!

After a very busy Saturday where myself and 3 of the other Rugby girlfriends/ wives attended the pre-match lunch and also then watched Nathan's rugby team get beat by Dougie's rugby team. I took some time out on Sunday and tidied our house... there is so much to do that I didn't manage it all but I made some headway which pleased me massively!

Nathan was at a golf meet for a club that he joined earlier this year. It is full of former rugby players and Nathan is the youngest by far so I think he feels pretty proud to be part of it.

I loved having the place to myself for the day and I am sure I got much more done because of it!

I cooked up a storm in the kitchen and with my new cookbook, that my friend Kate kindly gave me, The Hummingbird Bakery, an American Homebaking cafe in London, I made my very first apple pie. It was not as successful as I would have liked but it did taste very good (I used Lily and Neil's apples from their allotment).

I do think I am more of a crumble girl myself though... but I can't wait to try more of the recipes- they look delicious!!
I also made red cabbage with produce from Nathan's parent's allotment. I hadn't made this recipe since Christmas last year and it was delicious. I served it with pork chops and potato mash (also from the allotment).
Finally before Nathan came back home I set the table with an autumnal theme... all ready for the month of October! It was lovely having dinner under the candle light and we even had our first steamy windows (from cooking!) of the year....I love that about cooking in winter! It is definitely getting a lot colder!

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carine said...

'Our first steamy windows'... you make me laugh Ms Landels! Your apple pie looks great! xx