Friday, 30 July 2010

Wedding Ideas and Purchases

I needed a little bit of cheering up today so after Nathan and I had done some chores this afternoon for our festival letters (who will be arriving on Wednesday) we did a bit of wedding shopping in the summer sales.
I love this display for the table plan. I have taken this idea and am working on a few things using this as the original concept. I managed to pick up a few things in the sale.

If anyone knows where I could get old window panes like this from then give me a shout.
All our wedding purchases are being kept in the bottom drawer of our spare room although it is getting pretty full in there!

We are trying to be sensible as the current summer sales are the place to get items for our spring wedding. I have gotten most things 60% off!! And the winter sales will be no good as they will have the wrong colours. Also from January 2011 the UK is due to have a 2.5% increase in VAT so best to get in there quick.
We picked up some bits for the boys today. Ties, handkerchiefs and kilt socks. They will be all wearing kilts and so we are looking into co-ordinated flashes. I may even try and make them myself! (eek!) For those Americans reading the blog- garter flashes are what keeps up kilt socks. (as pictured below) They usually co-ordinate with your kilt but we are going to try and match them to the wedding colours instead. I have to say having the boys in kilts is much more exciting than in tuxedos.

I'd say we are well on track for 10 months time! It is working out well tickling the wedding to do list now and again. Nathan is off to meet his two best men tonight to put plans in place for the stag weekend- heaven help us!!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Zara's 26th Birthday- 27th of July

On the last Tuesday of every month we try to do an Accies girls night. This month Zara was going to host. Her fiance Mark was away on business and it was on the day of her birthday. My sister (who is one of Zaz's best friends) and Zara's sister, Vicki decided that they would organize something instead. So they made everyone cancel on poor Zara so she thought we were all too busy!

Becky then put together a great spread for the evening at her house. Vicki drove Zara round. She thought that her and Vicki, Becky and I were going out for dinner. Becky told her I was just finishing getting ready and to go into the livingroom and when she did there we all were.... she was so shocked. Brilliant!
A made a wee mini version of the asparagus tarlets that went down well. I need to send the recipe to a few of the girls. It is such a good summer dinner with salad (although not so healthy with the pastry but it has veggies... they are always good!)

Zara raising a glass to celebrate her birthday.
Emily brought her beautiful 5 week old twins- Aaron and Olivia. Although we were all there to celebrate Zaz's birthday the limelight was quite rightly shared with these two. So cute!
Emily holding Olivia, Wendy (who's due date was the next day) and Zara holding Aaron.
All the girls (and one boy) together: Leona, Loreen, Wendy, Becky, Corinne, Vicki and Annabelle.
 In the front: Zara holding Olivia and Aaron, Me and Emily.
Becky made brilliant chocolate cup cakes and had a 26 sparkler and candles on the cupcakes for Zaz to blow them out.
Zaz opening her wee gifts.
Loreen, Zara, Annabelle and Corinne.
Wendy, Becky and Leona.
Becky and Me.
Vicki and Zara.
Our hostess, Becky with the Birthday girl Zara. Bex did a brilliant job of organizing everything and I think Zaz had a fantastic time. As did we all. I felt very broody after seeing the twins. It was a great adaption to the Accies girls night.
I dropped Zara off at the end of the night and I had to take a quick snap. Becky had sent her away with all the balloons- she looked like she was going to take off. Happy Birthday Zara!

Lily and Neil's Allotment

Whilst we were at the allotment BBQ Neil gave us a tour of him and Lily's handiwork for the year so far. I am always amazed when we visit their allotment. They put so much time and effort into it but it does reap reward.
Neil holding some green beans (I'd pinched a few before this photo was taken- they were delicious!)
Their cherries have grown very well and were so juicy.
The green beans are sprouting.
Nathan and his Dad checking the onions out which are nearly ready to harvest.
Red onions still in the ground.
tomatoes that need a bit more sun to ripen.
The apple tree at the top of the allotment.
Neil and Nathan
If I had a wee allotment I would also grow lots of flowers as there are on some of the other plots. I loved these daisies growing through the picket fence.
I also loved these flowers- I am not sure if they are peonies or poppies though. Stunning!

Allotment BBQ

This past weekend was filled with BBQs. After Ed and Wendy's on Saturday we had Mrs Boccoli's Allotment BBQ to attend on the Sunday afternoon. We had a lot of chores to do but once we were done we went along. As always the food was amazing particularly her desserts.
Looking up Mrs Boccoli's allotment from the back. We originally helped weed it to help get it back to the way it looks now. I love seeing everything that is being grown- beautiful!
The beautiful homemade strawberry tarts.

Nathan munching away on a few tasty treats.
Cheesecake and Meringue. I managed to restrict myself to a strawberry tart only (how I have no idea- it took some will power!!)
Andrew Boccoli (Boccers), who Nathan went to school with and Nathan at Mrs Boccoli's BBQ. Boccers' Mum was sending him home with all the left overs- enough to feed an army!

Nathan and I.
Nathan's Mum and Dad- Lily and Neil who had just returned from holiday in Turkey where they had a very relaxing time. It was great to see them and catch up again after a few weeks.  Neil was the main BBQ chef and did a great job of all the meat. Yummy!

Saturday at the Walker/Stuart's house.

Since Ed and Wendy have moved in to their new house it seems we have spent every weekend there with them. Helping them move in and now enjoying the great space that they have created. I especially love being in their garden as we don't have a garden to enjoy. This past Saturday we enjoyed another BBQ in their back garden- I hope they don't get sick of us!!

This weekend was a little different as Ed, who is Argentinian had his elder brother, Jamie and his wife, Tere up to visit. They have just recently moved over to Norwich in England to live for 2 years. Nathan used to play rugby with Jamie at Accies in '99 so they go way back so it was great to meet him.
Wendy's sister, Lisa was also across from Glasgow for the day with her partner John.
Later on a few other friends called round to Ed and Wendy's. The boys were playing drinking games including 'drive the bus' which Greg and Nathan are pictured playing above.
I vowed not to get involved but once the drinking games got into silly actions I was in. Ed and Greg with Wendy and Lisa in the background. Their kitchen is so good for entertaining. It's such a central hub.
Nathan, Jamie and Charlie- Charlie is Ed's youngest brother who has been living here for the last year and a half. Charlie didn't fair too well at the drinking games. Nathan always seems to be gamesmaster... hmmm.  

It was a very fun day and evening and really enjoyable meeting the rest of Ed's family. All the 4 Stuart boys will be together next month which I know Ed will enjoy and it will be lovely as Ed and Wendy are due their first child this week... so exciting!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Wedding Colours Sneak Preview

I know I need to be careful what I blog about the wedding as I don't want to give it all away but I am so so so excited!

I have had my eye on some beautiful potential bridesmaid dresses for a while and I was in the shop on Wednesday and they had them on sale for 50% off (I should probably keep that to myself too!)

So on Thursday Becky and I went to another of their stores after we visited the Nursing Home and she tried on the dress. It is not really her usual style of dress but it is very much my style and she looked beautiful in it! Absolutely gorgeous! She said it should not really be about her style (what a great maid of honour!) and she thought it was a lovely dress. (so pleased!) Hillary then went to another of the companies stores yesterday during her lunch break and tried on the dress (which she really liked and said good choice) and she kindly picked up the dresses for the other girls. I so hope everyone likes them- I know they are going to look great in them!

I know I shouldn't but here's a wee sneak peek!

I love the cornflower blue colour of the dresses.
I have also found a dress in the sale (I'm all about the bargains!) which I will wear at the rehearsal dinner... as I write this I realise I am being WAY too organised. Better to plan ahead I say!!
..and who could forget shoes.
 I also picked up some tissue on sale in a craft store that will fit the bill. I have a drawer in the back bedroom which is filling up with wedding bits and pieces!
Whilst I was in Hobbycraft on Monday I thought that I would pick up card in our wedding colours to make little colour charts for everyone (the girls!) in the wedding party so we know what the basic colours are when we are out and about looking for items for the wedding. They are small enough that everyone can put them in their handbag or purse. (I know I sound like a total bridezilla right now!) but it was fun putting them together with Nathan- our little craft workshop- although he is more about speed and less about finesse! 

A new home for my Grandma

Well it's been a good week overall. Some not so good parts but generally this week was a bit more structured than the last month. I slept a little better (apart from Thursday night) and so Nathan and I managed to get into more of a routine. Now I just need to get exercise into that routine and I am sorted!!

I was really busy at the start of the week setting up our newest campaign encouraging the public to access the open spaces and nature in and around Glasgow. The idea is that nature is right on your doorstep. However in true Scottish fashion it was torrential rain for 3 days at the start of the week- not many people want to access nature when it's like that!!

Becky and I also started looking at Nursing Homes for my Grandma. We started off in Portobello, where my Grandma has lived all her life. The care home there was nice but too small and with not enough privacy for my Grandma. So I then went to Strachan House, where my Grandad was living for the last 2 years of his life. It was so nice going back there and I get a great feel from the home. There are many of the same staff there and they are all brilliant. It has the best ratings from the Care Commission and I really hope that my Grandma likes it when she visits next week.

It must be so difficult to be giving up your own home and hopefully we can make that transition as easy as possible. I know she will be sad to leave Portobello. I took some photos when I was down seeing the first home on Thursday- it is so pretty and I love how close it is to the beach. Maybe Nathan and I will live in Portobello one day?

Abercorn Park
The Promenade
I love this building. This is the local community gym and swimming pool. It looks right out to the Firth of Forth. I have great memories of coming her with my Grandma and Becky and going for a swim in their pool.
I really liked this little row of house. I especially loved the door on the side of the building halfway up. mmmm.... maybe I was also scouting for future houses for Nathan and I as well as looking for my Grandma!!