Saturday, 24 July 2010

A new home for my Grandma

Well it's been a good week overall. Some not so good parts but generally this week was a bit more structured than the last month. I slept a little better (apart from Thursday night) and so Nathan and I managed to get into more of a routine. Now I just need to get exercise into that routine and I am sorted!!

I was really busy at the start of the week setting up our newest campaign encouraging the public to access the open spaces and nature in and around Glasgow. The idea is that nature is right on your doorstep. However in true Scottish fashion it was torrential rain for 3 days at the start of the week- not many people want to access nature when it's like that!!

Becky and I also started looking at Nursing Homes for my Grandma. We started off in Portobello, where my Grandma has lived all her life. The care home there was nice but too small and with not enough privacy for my Grandma. So I then went to Strachan House, where my Grandad was living for the last 2 years of his life. It was so nice going back there and I get a great feel from the home. There are many of the same staff there and they are all brilliant. It has the best ratings from the Care Commission and I really hope that my Grandma likes it when she visits next week.

It must be so difficult to be giving up your own home and hopefully we can make that transition as easy as possible. I know she will be sad to leave Portobello. I took some photos when I was down seeing the first home on Thursday- it is so pretty and I love how close it is to the beach. Maybe Nathan and I will live in Portobello one day?

Abercorn Park
The Promenade
I love this building. This is the local community gym and swimming pool. It looks right out to the Firth of Forth. I have great memories of coming her with my Grandma and Becky and going for a swim in their pool.
I really liked this little row of house. I especially loved the door on the side of the building halfway up. mmmm.... maybe I was also scouting for future houses for Nathan and I as well as looking for my Grandma!!

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