Monday, 12 July 2010

Family Dinner for Becky's Birthday

It's my sister's 28th Birthday on Wednesday so my Mum came up for the weekend so we could all celebrate together. She took us to Dusit- which is a great Thai restaurant in Thistle Street. It was very tasty.
Nathan, Mum and Becky
Dougie and Me
Becky and Dougie. They have both taken the day off on Wednesday so as part of her Birthday present and also to say thank you for all that they have been doing in the last few months for Dad and also in the last few weeks (Becky is sorting out all the Lawyers, Accountants etc) Nathan and I have given them both vouchers to go to One Spa at the Sheraton. We wanted them to be able to relax for a day and chill out. They will hopefully get to use the outdoor, rooftop pool. Fingers crossed for good weather.

Thank you Becky and Dougie for all that you do. I am so fortunate to have Becky as my sister and my friend. I don't know what I'd do without her. She is so strong and takes charge so well (wonder who she inherited that from! She's definitely my Dad's daughter!) I am so appreciative of Becky. She is such fun to be around and I really hope her and Dougie have a great time on Wednesday. Happy Birthday Becky!

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