Thursday, 29 July 2010

Saturday at the Walker/Stuart's house.

Since Ed and Wendy have moved in to their new house it seems we have spent every weekend there with them. Helping them move in and now enjoying the great space that they have created. I especially love being in their garden as we don't have a garden to enjoy. This past Saturday we enjoyed another BBQ in their back garden- I hope they don't get sick of us!!

This weekend was a little different as Ed, who is Argentinian had his elder brother, Jamie and his wife, Tere up to visit. They have just recently moved over to Norwich in England to live for 2 years. Nathan used to play rugby with Jamie at Accies in '99 so they go way back so it was great to meet him.
Wendy's sister, Lisa was also across from Glasgow for the day with her partner John.
Later on a few other friends called round to Ed and Wendy's. The boys were playing drinking games including 'drive the bus' which Greg and Nathan are pictured playing above.
I vowed not to get involved but once the drinking games got into silly actions I was in. Ed and Greg with Wendy and Lisa in the background. Their kitchen is so good for entertaining. It's such a central hub.
Nathan, Jamie and Charlie- Charlie is Ed's youngest brother who has been living here for the last year and a half. Charlie didn't fair too well at the drinking games. Nathan always seems to be gamesmaster... hmmm.  

It was a very fun day and evening and really enjoyable meeting the rest of Ed's family. All the 4 Stuart boys will be together next month which I know Ed will enjoy and it will be lovely as Ed and Wendy are due their first child this week... so exciting!

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