Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Happy Birthday Beck!

Isn't she so cute?! This is a picture of my wee sister Becky when she was small. Today is her 28th birthday and hopefully she is having the best time chilling out and relaxing with Dougie. 

I love all these old photos that have been brought out of a drawer recently. Too cute!
Becky and I in Inverleith Park... contray to what she will tell you I didn't steal her buggy she was trying to push me in it.
Sisterly love! This was a day spent with my Dad where he took us to Inverleith Park- there are photos of us with ice cream all over our faces! Fun times!
I love in all our photos from when we are wee my sister is always wearing something daft. Her she is with  a mouse mask and roller skates on.... in our lovely posh dresses- it's a good look!
I love this photo... a little sailor mouse.. and as Dougie commented the other day I am dressed like an 80 year old! There is no accounting for taste!
My Mum and Dad always talked about how well dressed I would always be- keen to wear my Sunday best where as Becky was the tom boy- but what a fun personality to grow up with. She was never boring that is for sure!
I am so thankful that as we have gotten older we have grown closer. We share a lot of great friends and have had some brilliant times together in our lives. Last night we were sitting at dinner reminiscing about growing up... we have so many fun stories and tales to tell.... I can't wait for the next 10 years of our lives and all that will bring as we grow up together.

Happy 28th Birthday Becky!

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