Saturday, 24 July 2010

Wedding Colours Sneak Preview

I know I need to be careful what I blog about the wedding as I don't want to give it all away but I am so so so excited!

I have had my eye on some beautiful potential bridesmaid dresses for a while and I was in the shop on Wednesday and they had them on sale for 50% off (I should probably keep that to myself too!)

So on Thursday Becky and I went to another of their stores after we visited the Nursing Home and she tried on the dress. It is not really her usual style of dress but it is very much my style and she looked beautiful in it! Absolutely gorgeous! She said it should not really be about her style (what a great maid of honour!) and she thought it was a lovely dress. (so pleased!) Hillary then went to another of the companies stores yesterday during her lunch break and tried on the dress (which she really liked and said good choice) and she kindly picked up the dresses for the other girls. I so hope everyone likes them- I know they are going to look great in them!

I know I shouldn't but here's a wee sneak peek!

I love the cornflower blue colour of the dresses.
I have also found a dress in the sale (I'm all about the bargains!) which I will wear at the rehearsal dinner... as I write this I realise I am being WAY too organised. Better to plan ahead I say!!
..and who could forget shoes.
 I also picked up some tissue on sale in a craft store that will fit the bill. I have a drawer in the back bedroom which is filling up with wedding bits and pieces!
Whilst I was in Hobbycraft on Monday I thought that I would pick up card in our wedding colours to make little colour charts for everyone (the girls!) in the wedding party so we know what the basic colours are when we are out and about looking for items for the wedding. They are small enough that everyone can put them in their handbag or purse. (I know I sound like a total bridezilla right now!) but it was fun putting them together with Nathan- our little craft workshop- although he is more about speed and less about finesse! 

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