Friday, 30 July 2010

Wedding Ideas and Purchases

I needed a little bit of cheering up today so after Nathan and I had done some chores this afternoon for our festival letters (who will be arriving on Wednesday) we did a bit of wedding shopping in the summer sales.
I love this display for the table plan. I have taken this idea and am working on a few things using this as the original concept. I managed to pick up a few things in the sale.

If anyone knows where I could get old window panes like this from then give me a shout.
All our wedding purchases are being kept in the bottom drawer of our spare room although it is getting pretty full in there!

We are trying to be sensible as the current summer sales are the place to get items for our spring wedding. I have gotten most things 60% off!! And the winter sales will be no good as they will have the wrong colours. Also from January 2011 the UK is due to have a 2.5% increase in VAT so best to get in there quick.
We picked up some bits for the boys today. Ties, handkerchiefs and kilt socks. They will be all wearing kilts and so we are looking into co-ordinated flashes. I may even try and make them myself! (eek!) For those Americans reading the blog- garter flashes are what keeps up kilt socks. (as pictured below) They usually co-ordinate with your kilt but we are going to try and match them to the wedding colours instead. I have to say having the boys in kilts is much more exciting than in tuxedos.

I'd say we are well on track for 10 months time! It is working out well tickling the wedding to do list now and again. Nathan is off to meet his two best men tonight to put plans in place for the stag weekend- heaven help us!!

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Carine Seitz said...

I'm so enjoying your sneak wedding previews miss! Saw Fu today, he was asking for you. You might try Easy Architectural Salvage for those window panes: