Thursday, 29 July 2010

Lily and Neil's Allotment

Whilst we were at the allotment BBQ Neil gave us a tour of him and Lily's handiwork for the year so far. I am always amazed when we visit their allotment. They put so much time and effort into it but it does reap reward.
Neil holding some green beans (I'd pinched a few before this photo was taken- they were delicious!)
Their cherries have grown very well and were so juicy.
The green beans are sprouting.
Nathan and his Dad checking the onions out which are nearly ready to harvest.
Red onions still in the ground.
tomatoes that need a bit more sun to ripen.
The apple tree at the top of the allotment.
Neil and Nathan
If I had a wee allotment I would also grow lots of flowers as there are on some of the other plots. I loved these daisies growing through the picket fence.
I also loved these flowers- I am not sure if they are peonies or poppies though. Stunning!

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