Saturday, 10 July 2010

Saturday 26th- Conor's Birthday

I love these two together- they are so good together.

On Saturday 26th Hillary organized a 30th Birthday party for Conor. It was held in Ghillie Dhu in Edinburgh which has just recently been done out. It was a lot of fun and was great to go to a new place.

Ghillie Dhu bases it's self on a traditional Scottish pub but is also a live entertainment venue. On the Saturday night after 10.30 there was a live band so we were all up having a dance- it was great fun.

(I don't have pics of everyone and am sadly missing Becky who looked stunning in her new black and white dress that she had been hunting for a while- she found it that day in the sales! Bonus!)

It was good to see Ramen and Fiona, Emily and Paul and to have a giggle with Becky and Dougie... and of course meet Conor's family and friends, some of whom we had met before.

Dougie, Ramen and Fiona.
Hillary, Fiona and I (we all used to work in the same pub together at Uni- small world!)
Paul and Emily. Emily went to school with Hillary.
Nathan and I in Ghillie Dhu
Hills and Conor just make me laugh!
Sooo cute!

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