Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Teague Twins

This past week Nathan and I visited our friend's Dan and Emily and their new twins. Aaron and Olivia. They are so adorable and we really enjoyed getting to feed and cuddle them.

I was stuck for what to buy them as gifts as I knew they would not be wanting for anything. I had seen this idea on a blog somewhere where you make baby socks into a bouquet. Usually you would have it as a centre piece for a baby shower but as Emily did floristry I thought she would appreciate the creativity.

So I got to work.
Pink for Olivia and Blue for Aaron.
I picked up 2 pairs of white baby socks, 2 of pink and 2 of navy (ideally I had wanted pale blue but Gap didn't have any in stock) I then went to a florist and got florist tape, wire and green leaves. I got 6 stems which could be cut into 2. This meant each rose sock would have a stem. I also got the florist to give me blue and pink tissue and some clear cellophane wrap. Please see here for full instructions on what to do.
This was the finished product. They will look so cute in a vase. If I was to do them again I would definitely try and find block colours as they look more effective. Yellow and white would look lovely for a baby shower where the parent's didn't know the gender of their baby.
Rosebud Baby sock Bouquet.

When we arrived at Dan and Emily's it was feeding time. They both had one baby each and it was such a lovely picture. Emily let me continue feeding Aaron- who is so small. Then I gave him to Dan to burp and he passed me the very cute Olivia who was dozing off to sleep. Nathan then got to look after Aaron for a while and he was smitten. His pinkie was longer than Aaron's foot!

After feeding time we left them to it so they could get some rest and time in before the next feed. Emily put them in their chairs for a wee nap and I just had to take a snap- the two of them looked so snug!

Hopefully we will get to see them again soon for more cuddles... Congratulations Dan and Emily!

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