Saturday, 10 July 2010

Saturday night with the Norwegians!

On the 3rd of July Peter and Willen- my Parent's friends from University came over to Scotland for a planned visit with 4 of their Norwegian friends from home. They had planned the trip for a while but had been over for Dad's funeral 2 weeks before so we had caught up with them then. It was nice to pick up a few weeks later and hear their latest news.

I organized for us to go to dinner at Skippers Bistro at the Shore. It is funny it seems to be the little things that get you. I got upset when I realised I had to book the table for 11- not 12.

We had a really lovely evening and the food was fantastic.
Nathan and I shared a seafood platter as our main. It said on the menu- filling for one, sufficient for 2! I couldn't finish my half share- it was way more than sufficient... Nathan tried oysters for the first time- he wasn't so sure but I thought they were lovely!
Mum, Dougie and Becky
Nathan and I
Our table in Skippers
Peter above and Willen below with their Norwegian friends

Becky, Willen and I. Willen read the beautiful Eulogy at my Dad's funeral. I copied the words she read in a post a few weeks ago. She really did sum up my Dad very well. They had a great friendship.

We have so many wonderful memories of visiting the Ullring-Wigglesworths in Oslo and Kragero for Summer holidays. My Mum is heading out there later on this month for some R&R.

It was lovely to see them in Edinburgh again and Peter kindly treated us all to dinner- which was very generous. We will hopefully be able to get out to visit them some time soon when we can return the favour.

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