Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Chez Jules

My yummy, yummy lobster.
On Saturday night Nathan and I brought back date night. It hasn't happened in a while with everything going on but we went to Chez Jules in Hanover Street. It was so so tasty and such good value. We had steak and lobster and paid such a good price for it. It was so tasty too... served with potato gratin and french fries!

We also enjoyed salad, olives and salami to start as we waited for our order and I had a carafe of wine (although I didn't manage to drink it all!- my eyes were bigger than my stomach!) the wine is served in regular glasses- it very much a french bistro. For afters I had delicious chocolate mousse -I certainly had an appetite on Saturday night! ;-)

Chez Jules traded for 10 years and has just started back up again...and I would highly recommend going (the toilets are basic but if you can get past that it is great and the atmosphere is good too. 

I guess the next place to try that has been resurrected is Pierre Victorre! 

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