Thursday, 29 July 2010

Zara's 26th Birthday- 27th of July

On the last Tuesday of every month we try to do an Accies girls night. This month Zara was going to host. Her fiance Mark was away on business and it was on the day of her birthday. My sister (who is one of Zaz's best friends) and Zara's sister, Vicki decided that they would organize something instead. So they made everyone cancel on poor Zara so she thought we were all too busy!

Becky then put together a great spread for the evening at her house. Vicki drove Zara round. She thought that her and Vicki, Becky and I were going out for dinner. Becky told her I was just finishing getting ready and to go into the livingroom and when she did there we all were.... she was so shocked. Brilliant!
A made a wee mini version of the asparagus tarlets that went down well. I need to send the recipe to a few of the girls. It is such a good summer dinner with salad (although not so healthy with the pastry but it has veggies... they are always good!)

Zara raising a glass to celebrate her birthday.
Emily brought her beautiful 5 week old twins- Aaron and Olivia. Although we were all there to celebrate Zaz's birthday the limelight was quite rightly shared with these two. So cute!
Emily holding Olivia, Wendy (who's due date was the next day) and Zara holding Aaron.
All the girls (and one boy) together: Leona, Loreen, Wendy, Becky, Corinne, Vicki and Annabelle.
 In the front: Zara holding Olivia and Aaron, Me and Emily.
Becky made brilliant chocolate cup cakes and had a 26 sparkler and candles on the cupcakes for Zaz to blow them out.
Zaz opening her wee gifts.
Loreen, Zara, Annabelle and Corinne.
Wendy, Becky and Leona.
Becky and Me.
Vicki and Zara.
Our hostess, Becky with the Birthday girl Zara. Bex did a brilliant job of organizing everything and I think Zaz had a fantastic time. As did we all. I felt very broody after seeing the twins. It was a great adaption to the Accies girls night.
I dropped Zara off at the end of the night and I had to take a quick snap. Becky had sent her away with all the balloons- she looked like she was going to take off. Happy Birthday Zara!

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