Saturday, 12 January 2013

Lazy Saturday morning

I have always been someone who needs to recharge her batteries every few days/week. Whilst I have made lots of proactive New Year's resolutions one of mine was to also take time for myself- not to feel guilty about sleeping in at the weekend sometimes, not feeling like I should say yes to everything and always be out the house- having some me time!

I am always guilt ridden when I do this but I am trying this morning. I woke naturally at 10am (bliss!) and am now sitting in bed reading 'The Week' (we'll I was before I began writing on here!) I have Bb at my side snuggled right in for warmth, I made porridge, fresh coffee and am making sure I have a glass of water with breakfast (I am trying to drink 8 glasses a day....trying but not quite reaching that goal yet!)

It was a busy week at work but my new A4 diary system, rather than my usual notebook, is giving me a sense of achievement- I have been writing lists each day and highlighting the items once they are complete- w/c 7th Jan is now a pretty fluorescent week!

I also had a nice e-mail from colleagues abroad regards a calendar I have worked with the creative agency- they were really pleased which was a great way to end the week!

I then went and met my friend Pete at the Dome to catch up with him and hear all his news. Pete runs Foodies so I loved hearing about his latest ventures. We had a good catch up on life in general he was also offering me some advise on a wee project I am thinking about- it will take a while to get things in place and is more a future enterprise but as Pete thinks everyone should be an entrepreneur he was more than happy to listen and discuss.

Later on I met Hills and her flatmate Louise. We went to see Gangster Squad which was much more violent than I thought but with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling it was worth a watch.

At the cinema last night the new Weight Watchers discovery was that 1 scoop of Ben and Jerry's Fro Yo was only 3 points(about 100kcals)

Well as much as I am enjoying laying in I better think about doing some housework- I have promised myself I won't leave the house till it is all done today- no distractions- however tempting! With only 4 more hrs of daylight I want to make sure I get out at some point!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

It started well

Yesterday I was feeling so positive about my New Years fitness and dieting with Weight Watchers.

I walked home from my new Pilates class with Hannah and Libby. Level 1 is much tougher than the beginners class- lots more about the abs- so hopefully after 11 weeks I will have less of a food pouch! I really enjoy our walk back along Princes Street- as we all live in the West End.

I felt I should reward myself with a treat as I still had 15 WW weekly points left - a chocolate brownie with fresh raspberries and 0% fat free Greek yogurt (my favourite dessert combination since Uni) was on the menu- I would usually have a chocolate pudding or chocolate mouse but something drew me to the brownie.

After I ate my tea I sat down and typed in my points on the WW app- the brownie was 17 POINTS!!!! Eeeek! why didn't I check before? It just goes to show how many wrong choices sneak in there!

So I had to make sure I walked back from work today. I still have Thursday's Pilates class and hopefully my next WW week will be positive.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Okay so let's start as I mean to go on! So far this 2013 has been pretty positive.

I am writing in my journal again, have started weight watchers (again!) and have booked into 2 pilates classes a week for the next 11 weeks.

The first is tonight at Bea Alexander just off Broughton Street. I have attended beginners level for 2 terms (one class a week) last year so I am looking forward to moving up to level 1 and doing 2 classes a week- it will be a challenge but along with WW I should hopefully tone up and feel better.

Just before midnight on the 31st I wrote a list of New Years Resolutions... I had aimed for 13 in total but I ended up with 21! Not all things I need to change but also tasks I need to complete.

I aim to be proactive in 2013 and move myself forward and be content.

I am also going to try and be very good with my money... however I am very tempted to buy new Pilates gear! I have found 2 websites that I love.. but they are so pricey.... maybe as a wee treat after these 11 weeks I can reward myself!

(There seems to be a problem with loading images onto here but I will update later.)