Friday, 6 February 2009


Just a quick post before I head back from lunch.

This weekend I am hoping to have dinner with my parents and Nathan tonight as my Mum is up for the weekend. Then Nathan and I are going on a midnight adventure to drive over to Fife to pick up Becky and Dougie from a wedding.

Then Sunday I am working for Famous Grouse doing Event Management at the rugby 6 Nations game at Murrayfield. I'm going to have to wrap up so warm!

Nathan is looking forward to a weekend packed full of rugby as the 6 Nations begins. 3 games over the weekend. I have a feeling I will loose him to the TV!

So I'm going to try and gut the house- it is starting to not just be untidy but unclean (what an awful admission!) but it WILL be rectified!!

One thing I have been thinking this week is why didn't I make use of the time I had on my day's off between freelance projects over the last year! I could really do with a few days to complete unfinished projects!! Oh well! I'm just thankful to now have a job with such a great company!

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Heidi said...

Sounds like you needed the rest...let's be honest, I think everyone's house goes to pot sometimes!! You should see this wreck of a study I am sitting in...whatever!!!