Thursday, 26 February 2009

Hillary's Birthday Tea!

Becky hosted Hillary's tea party! There was quite the spread! I only took a few photos- mainly of the food! It was SO tasty! Bex also made bruschetta (which I love!)
I had a few cupcakes left over from the popcorn cupcakes so I decided instead of a cake it would be nice to decorate a few cupcakes with Hillary's name and some candles for her to blow out!

I made Heidi's Buffalo tenders again- they were a big hit and thankfully not as spicey as I thought I'd made them! (I couldn't get blue cheese dressing anywhere though!)
Hannah and the birthday girl with her bubbly and cupcake! I don't have any pictures of me, Becky or Emma! Camera shy I guess!
Hillary looking very excited as she blows out her candles!After our tea we all took our popcorn cupcakes and went to see confessions of a shopoholic! It was such a girlie movie and good fun! Not to spoil the movie but she has a huge sale of all her clothes, shoes etc and Becky suggessted I do the same! Sadly my excess in topshop, whistles, hobbs etc clothing won't fetch the same price tag as her designer gear but it would have been nice! I might just have to settle with e-bay!

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