Friday, 13 February 2009

Sickness Update!

Well Nathan has a viral infection in his throat and sinuses and has been off for the rest of the week- poor thing! Although I think he is pretty much on the mend now.

I was also off yesterday as my body gave up and I had all of his symptoms but you'll be pleased to know that when I went to the doctor I don't have the virus but she said my body was obviously just fighting against all his bugs!.. hence I was exhausted! So I have to take it easy.

Nathan was joking with me that it's my own fault- he thinks it's not from me snuggling up but from pinching his water glasses all the time! I have a habit of finishing off a drink that he pours for himself!

But tonight I am hopeful that our Valentines plans will still be on. I'm back to work and Nathan is trying to pull himself together to take me on a great date night at the National Galleries Friends Evening. They are hosting a Valentines night where you get a glass of bubbly and a half an hour tour of the romantic paintings! I can't wait! He booked it all himself after our friend Annabelle sent out an e-mail. So he assures me he will definitely be okay.

The evening is to encourage you to join as a friend and sign up for mebership. They were offering a great deal so Hilary and I have joined and hope to go to lots of exhibitons in the next 18 months.


Heidi said...

Jennie that sounds positively ROMANTIC....can't wait to hear more!! Love you and LOVE your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Jennie, your blog is bound to cause a variety of responses. Don't worry about it. It just part of life's rich tapestry - Your fella subscribes to this with gusto. xsav