Thursday, 26 February 2009

Accies Girls Evening!

Not the best photo but I didn't take anymore- I was too busy catching up! Vicki finally got a seat after spending all evening in the kitchen cooking up a storm!

Vicki organized a girls night with the fiance, wife and girlfriends of some of the Accies players. She made us very tasty pancakes as it was Shrove Tuesday and we had great fun trying all sorts of tasty, indulgent toppings. I think chocolate and peanut butter was the general favourite!

Vicki and Leona also had a chocolate fountain set up with marshmallows to dip in- so so tasty!

It was great catching up with all the girls and hearing everyone's news about setting up business, selling flats, getting engaged and all sorts!

The plan is for a get together the last week of every month- hopefully I'll still be invited next month even if Nathan does move clubs!

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