Thursday, 5 March 2009

Comic Relief work drinks!

Well this past weekend was pretty full on!

I had my first after work drinks which were great fun!

The Leith Agency have a barge on the Water of Leith that we use for meetings and functions. So we all piled on there for some cocktails and nibbles at the end of the day on Friday. As it is about to be Comic Relief there was a Soccer AM style dance off for charity! Very funny! The previous link is to the video which went round the agency advertising the event.

As I've been watching my money and not going out very often I was a little worse for wear early on! I got myself home and thankfully Nathan looked after me... but I was not a pretty site!Nathan kindly recorded my loveliness the morning after!

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Heidi said...

You look so comfy cozy...Mmmmm!