Tuesday, 17 March 2009

6 Nations Fancy Dress!

A lot of the boys didn't dress up which was a little dissapointing. (Although Ramen and Kells, pictured above, were Mafia Gansters) most of them had been at the match so we'll let them off. (Scotland sadly lost to Ireland!!) All the girls made a great effort though and we all seemed to go with a French theme!! Pictured above- Me as Marie Antoinette, Carine as a French lady complete with french baguette, Hillary as a French hen, Charmaine as a Moulin Rouge dancer, Becky as a French Maid and Zara as a French lady- I loved her skirt!
Lorna and Bernie with Emily and Vicki who had sashes made that said Miss Scotland and Miss Ireland. Very good effort!
After giving a lovely speech Nathan nominated Hillary as the best dressed. I loved her feather boa rear and the big red feathers that made her tail- she put so much effort into it! Brilliant!
Annabelle and Pete Burns came as French frogs and were so cute! Especially with Annabelle's baby bump! I love that they always make such an effort!!
Hills and I posing for the camera! A French Frog and Welsh Dragon! "There is only one red dragon!" was the chant of the night! Mr Pickivance in his element!!
Colin Pickavance had worn his Welsh Red Dragon outfit since 12 that day to watch the rugby in. He said people kept coming up to him telling him- you've got the wrong game mate- we played Wales a month ago!!
Becky and Dougie enjoying the cupcakes! Dougie was an Italian Mafia boss!I love this photo!! So funny! I think it's one for Dougie's facebook profile photo!! he he!!
Leona, Vicki and I I think the funniest bit of the night was when we left the Standard and ventured up to Gran Cruz. There was me- as Marie Antoniette, A Welsh Dragon, Pavarotti and a French Hen! The looks we got were priceless!! What a great night! But I have to say at the end of it I was very thankful to be able to breath again and get my wig off! I don't envy the renaissance woman that's for sure!!

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Heidi said...

LOVe -Love- Love all the costumes...love you and Nathan's!!!!