Monday, 9 March 2009

Cupcake Trials!

On Saturday afternoon I had a wee practice at some of the ideas I had for Nathan's cupcakes. I was so happy as my ideas for the daffodils (the Welsh flower) and thistles (Scottish flower) turned out really well. I used mini marchmallows dipped in icing and then rolled in coloured sugars for the bell of the daffodil and the head of the thistle. Then small cutters to make the petals and leaves.

I am also doing cupcakes with rugby posts (candy sticks) and a wee rugby ball (made from a mini easter egg)

So I have bought up everything we need and Hillary and Becky are going to come round on Thursday night to prep with me.

I am going to have to be so military about my timings as we will be out on the Friday night for the club international game which Dougie will be playing in and then going for dinner.

And because I am a total gluten for punishment I have agreed to work on the Saturday at the Ruby for Famous Grouse. I was meant to be off but they needed an Event Manager. So I will have to go in at 12.30- so mass icing of cupcakes on Saturday morning is planned! Oh dear!

I just hope it all goes well.

The cupcake stand arrived this morning too so I am very excited that it's all coming together!


carine said...

from where did you hire your cup cake stand? my friends have asked me to make a cup cake tower for their wedding xx

Vicki said...

You are amazing, with I could be there to help!! Good luck and have fun!