Friday, 27 March 2009


Nathan and I have joined up to Cineworld's monthly unlimited card. It means we pay a set amount each month (it cost less than two full price cinema trips!) and we get to go as many times as we want!

My Sister and Dougie are all ready members as are several friends so we can now be part of the cinema club! A great cost saving exercise- as long as we buy no snacks when we get there!! We have seen two great movies in the last week. I loved Marley and Me... such a laugh out loud and escapism movie! It was exactly what I was in the mood for!! I cried so much at the end though!! If you've ever had a crazy pet it's great too watch. In one scene Marley is shown running over fences with a chicken in his mouth- it very much reminded me of our bad ginger Tom cat, Fluffy- he was with us from the time I was 3 years old until I was 22!! That's a long life for a cat! All of our childhood friends still bring him up as he had such a unique (and temperamental) personality!! (good memories!!)
The second good movie was duplicity. I love movies like this that keep you guessing and I tell you what Clive Owen is pretty hot. The chemistry between him and Julia Roberts is great. Good to see her back doing lead roles... she is on great form!

So no doubt we will be watching LOADS of movies in the coming months!

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Michael Bouldry said...

Jennie, I brushed shoulders with Clive last May while in NYC. After a day of meetings, I hit the street to get a cab and found myself right next to the actor himself--in svelte Armani suit, and translucent blue sunglasses. My company was meeting at the Cornell Club and they just happened to be shooting Duplicity that day, on E 44th near Grand Central. Hope all is well, Michael.