Monday, 9 March 2009

Costume Hire

Next weekend will be a big one as we will be celebrating Nathan's 30th so this past weekend we just took it easy and I did a lot of organizing and preping.

We had a great Saturday morning and after running errands we grabbed a coffee at one of my favourite little cafes- cucina LC and then walked along to Roseburn to the Royal Lyceum's Costume Warehouse. They have just opened this back up and it was AMAZING!

I stupidly forgot my camera because there would have been some amazing pictures for the blog! It is a huge warehouse filled with all the old costumes from productions at the Lyceum- anything you can imagine. Dresses throughout all the ages and they are so well made with great attention to detail.

Nathan and I had a lot of fun trying different things on and we then picked our outfits for next weekend. I am SO SO SO SO EXCITED!! I can't begin to tell you! We have gone so far out!

I will be doing a French Theme and Nathan an Italian.

I then went into town and bought us some accessorize which was brilliant. I had a good look round a few joke shop/ fancy dress shops. I love dressing up!

I would definitley advise anyone who is looking for something different to go to the Lyceum's Costume Department. The lady there- who is a costume mistress was giving me lots of tips on how to add to my outfit and do my make up- you don't get that over the internet!!

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Vicki said...

Can't wait to see your costumes!!