Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Friday night dinner

Dad, Hillary and Becky not wishing for their photos to be taken! I think it ended up one of the better photos of the night! ;-)
Kells and myself (looking very tired and windswept from the rugby!)
Dad, Hillary, Becky and Nathan (with his eyes closed- again!)
Martin and Hannah.
Annabelle, Anne and Stu (who had been at the races in Cheltanham all day!)
Megan and Mark
The other end of the table- (l-r) Lily, Pete, Ewan, Mark, Jimmy O and Neil.
Lily embarrassing Nathan by showing photos of him as a boy to Greg.
Nathan giving a speech after dinner.

After the Rugby we all headed to Bar Napoli (our favourite little late night eaterie!) where met a number of friends who had been sensible and stayed out the cold! It was very informal and relaxed and gave us a chance to catch up and get excited about Saturday's activities!

The funniest bit of the evening was Lily, Nathan's Mum embarrassing him with photos from his childhood but the person that seemed to end up worst off was poor Hillary (whose brother was Nathan's childhood friend) there were lots of photos which she appeared in- my favourite being the side pony tail and over the shoulder handbag shot! Such style!! he he!!

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