Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Nathan's 30th Birthday Party!!

After a day spent icing cupcakes and then working at the Famous Grouse event for the rugby I was exhausted!

Nathan and two of his best friends had come back to our house at 3.45am early on the Saturday morning after being out all night drinking! To be fair they were very quiet but I was woken when they came in and was stressing about all I had to do and couldn't get back to sleep. So eventually I got up at 6am to ice the cupcakes and I had to sit and listen to their drivel for a good few hours. It was actually quite entertaining as when else do you get to hear the inner thoughts (albeit drunken thoughts) of guys!!

So with only 3 hours sleep I was not feeling the best on Saturday! After a lot of Red Bull and once everyone started to arrive it was great and I really began to enjoy myself. Nathan's parents helped us set up as did some fantasticly helpful friends who were there early on.

The 6 Nations decor was brilliant and I was very happy with the cupcakes. Neil, Nathan's dad took a fantastic photo that he thinks I should send in to the BBC!! (he he!)
Italian Opera Singer Pavarotti and Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France before the party began.
All in all a great night and one that I think Nathan will remember for a long time!

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Heidi said...

OH MY!!!! This party turned out insane.....INCREDIBLE!! Those cupcakes are just amazing and most of all - Nathan is the luckiest guy on earth to have such a thoughtful .....and talented little lady in is life!!