Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Brunch on Sunday!

We had a lovely brunch on Sunday with friends and family. My Dad and Nathan's Mum and Dad were updated on all the goings on of the Saturday night which they had left us 'young ones' to enjoy.
One of the guys Nathan works with organized for a few bottles of prosecco to be on our table- which was lovely. His girlfriend Nick is a manager in Rick's and they looked after us very well.
We had a wee private area and the table was laid beautifully. Nathan pouring some tasty rose prosecco.
It was full Scottish Breakfast for everyone and I had a Bloody Mary to keep the hangover at bay! Nathan, Ed, Greg and Piki got back on the booze and then after we'd had some cupcakes and coffee they headed off to watch the rugby- back to the scene of the crime at the Standard.Hillary, Becky and I headed back to Becky's house and vegged on their couch all of Sunday! We were very sleepy kittens!!

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