Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Mother's Day and Migraines!

Sadly I have no pictures from Mother's Day as I was not feeling on top form (more about that later!) I spoke to my Mum on the phone and had a good catch up on all her news. She also had a wee package sent down to her but I had to send it to her office so she didn't get it in time- thankfully it is not perisable.

We had a very productive day on Sunday and after running errands around town we went round to Nathan's Mum's and met them back at their house for a quick lunch. Lily and Neil had been at their allotment all morning and their crops are coming along nicely! I can't wait to get more fresh veg for the summer- it tastes so good! Lily loved her spring flowers and she was going to put them into the front window.

We had all looked on Google Street the week before and Lily's front room had a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the window when the google photographers went past- as my great grandma would have said- 'more people go by you than come in- so always make sure your house looks good from the outside!' How true! Especially with all the world able to see the front of your house through the internet!!

We worked out they must have taken the snaps 2 years ago in the summer because it is before Nathan and I moved into his flat- which is a shame as his previous tennants had the blinds down on a sunny day! I've gotten rid of the blinds because I love the sun streaming in our front room- (any way enough waffle!!)

We then went down to visit my Grandma and brought her some flowers too and then after our visit did some shopping for her. She is getting better after breaking her hip but is still not back to 100%.

It was when we were coming back from the shops that I started to get a migraine. I have been getting them a lot in the last year- so much so that I have been to see a neurologist who tells me what I sometimes suffer from are facial migraines- who knew there were such a thing!!

So I took my new medicine from the doctor and it totally knocked me for six. Nathan was kind enough (horrible boy!) to take this photo that he thinks is really funny! It shows how totally out of it I was!!I still felt awful the next day and had to take the day off. I don't think I'll be taking those tablets again- or if I do I will have to make sure I am supervised!! Nathan said I was talking total nonesense and making no sense!! Oh dear!! (I think it might have also been tiredness from the last few weeks!!)

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