Friday, 27 March 2009

Spring Flowers

Well Spring can't quite make up it's mind if it's here or not... we've had some beautiful days and we've had some horrible windy days.. then we've had days like today which just can't make up their mind! I woke up to blazing sunshine coming through the curtains this morning and then by the time I went for my lunch I just about blew away in the wind! Here is my new spring table. Nathan's not too keen on the twigs as he thinks from far away they look too bare but I really like that. They look wintery but once you are close up you see the beginnings of spring!
I wanted a from the earth feeling to my daffodil arrangement so instead of mud I popped some peebles into the vase. When the daffs bloom they will be a circle of colour! I can't wait!
It the simple pleasures that make me happy! So glad it doesn't take much to keep me amused!

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