Friday, 27 March 2009

More Good News!

Now that everyone in our office has been told as have our clients I can tell you that from the 1st of April I will be an Account Manager or Project Manager (the title has not been decided yet!) for the Promotional Partnership team here at Leith!!


I am working on a number of Scottish Government Projects which include Greener projects and many more. A large part of my job is working with Field Staff and Promotional Staff to get the Scottish Government's message out there. I am LOVING it!! It's very stressful and when I officially move into my new role I am sure it will be even more so- hey I'm here on a Friday night at 18:30!!

It is so funny how life works out! I am doing Trade Marketing (posters/ wobblers/ barkers/ stickers etc) which was part of my job at Red Bull and I am also working with all the promo staff which I used to do part time and then last year worked full time to keep my head above water.

The number of days that I spent last year thinking- "what am I doing!! It's 7.30/ 8am in the morning and I'm at the train station handing out leaflets!! Where is this ever going to take me!!"

The world works in a wonderful way because I held out and looked for what I wanted and if I had to write my perfect job description- this would be it! (maybe I'd also pay myself millions though!!)

I can totally relate to the team leaders and event managers out there because it wasn't too long ago that I was doing that very same job.

I am also getting to write some copy- although I'm needing a little work on that. And the other day I did my first creative brief!! So exciting!!

So all is well and if I can hack the pace (which is crazy!! This is even faster than London pace!) I hope to be here for a long time!!

Good news!!

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