Friday, 20 March 2009


I received a really nice e-mail from my friend Vicki today- She was sent a link for gifts and it included a cupcake website. They were charging minimuim of £27 for 12 cakes or £35 for 20 cupcakes!!
She said mine were sooo much nicer!!! And that I should start a lil business! Which was very lovely of her! I'd need a friend that's good at websites and then if I could face going through that every week it could be worthwhile.

I've started watching Ace of Cakes. It showcases all the cakes that charm city cakes in Baltimore make. They are so inspiring!

For now I think I'll stick to my day job but it's one to keep for the notebook and go back to! That and my florist/ craft/ tea and cake shop!!

But hey if anyone wants any cupcake ideas or help in making them- I'm always here!! Plus for a nominal fee of a bottle of vino plus costs I'm sure I could rustle some up for a special occassion!

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