Thursday, 5 March 2009


Well the big issue of this week has been our plumbing! It's been dodgy for a while but with Nathan bringing back mud from the rugby training pitch and it going down the shower and the washing machine pipe plus my messy cooking it has taken it's toll!

So much so that yesterday when I went to get into the shower someone else in our buildings water come through the shower tray plug! Horrid!
This picture shows it once I'd managed to scoop most of the water away- it was running over the lip. I'm sure you are all delighted to see it and no doubt this will encourage another person to write about the boring mundane nonesense I blog about (They would have a point about this post!!!) but it's been a major part of our week!

So after speaking to plumbers and insurance companies for the last two days and the plumber having a good nose around he had to finally climb out our bedroom window to the pipe going up our building (we are 3 floors up!) and stick a big rod down to clean it all out- yuck!

So I think we will be investing in plug covers and Nathan will be showering where he trains from now on!!

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Heidi said...

Aaahhhhhh - horrid - I am so sorry! I HATE stuff like that!