Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Moonwalk Training!

Well the Moonwalk training is not going so badly.

Emma and I went for a walk around the Meadows on Sunday and I thought we'd only walked a wee bit but when I put it into Google Maps it turns out we walked about 3.5 miles and I walked a further 1.5 so not too bad!!

We did however go to Toast for brunch after our walk and totally undid all our good work with breakfast and a cupcake!! Yum!
A delicious Toast cupcake!

I have also decided to try and walk home from work 3 times a week. My wee legs were so tired after Sunday that yesterday I only managed it up to the top of Leith Walk. I had to walk on the wrong side of the street from the buses because it was all too tempting to jump on a bus home. Again I wasn't so bad as I did 1.4 miles!

I might have to revert to using normal trainers as my MBTs are really working my legs- so much that they were agony yesterday!

I also might need a bit of training on mind over matter!

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