Thursday, 2 April 2009

Reducing single use carrier bags

The Scottish Government have set a target to achieve a significant reduction in single-use carrier bags to help improve our environment. I have been working on a campaign for the last month to do just this!

We have had staff out all over Scotland and at the moment they are outside of Supermarkets around the country handing out reminder items!

There are also billposters, tv adverts and bus stop signs all over as well (these are looked after by a different team at my work!)
We have an inflatable version of Ernie the elephant (because an Elephant never forgets!) making his way around Scotland and he is proving very popular!

The idea behind the campaign is that we all have so many bags for life or plastic bags shoved in a cupboard somewhere so it is to encourage us to remember to take them with us next time we head to the shops!

If you don't have any or fancy a funky bag for life why not give Nigel's Eco Store a wee try.

And remember next time you head to the shops re-use your bags!!

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